Comments from the other side - Bulls 2/12

 Good to get back in the win column, especially against the Rondo-hatingest group of fans. They start out pretty arrogant and just like most teams, start attacking their own players when things don't go so well.  Their reaction to Boozer's hair was hilarious.  I hope you enjoy today's winning comments from the other side!   What's your favorite? 

 After seeing the Celtics lose to the Lakers at home and lose to the cRaptors the next day they are finished and we better score well against them and lock'em down on defense.

I think Rose will sit... If he does I think we'll lose this one on the road. Celtics played us down to the wire last time at their place.

Rose should rest. Bulls can beat the Celtics without him. They are not good anymore.

When Rose doesn't play, a part of me dies a little. My days aren't as full of life. I don't eat as much. Just plain down all day.

I hope Derrick doesn't play. No point in getting reinjured. Boston sucks.

If Rose is out, Bulls win by just 20 instead of 30.

Oh my God, will you guys stop talking like the Celtics are a crappy team or that they suck? Rondo is still on the best PGs in the league, Pierce has returned to form recently, Allen is still the great shooter he always was, and KG has been playing better as well. And we're playing Boston. Quit sleeping on this team. Damn.

I can't see Rose sitting for a nationally televised game. His back would have to be really bad for him to sit.

We should look into trading Rose. Injury prone *******.

Rose is out Had a feeling he would be. I think he def needs to rest that back. Kinda worries me. Could be a lingering thing throughtout the year.

Why all the negativity of today's game now that Rose is out? The bulls are still capable of winning. These aren't the Celtics from 2008. These old fogies can't run with the Bulls anymore.

They are the Celtics from 2008. Making them the old fogies who can't run with Bulls.

Bass and O'Neal are out. Noah is gonna feast.

Cj Watson is going to own Ronda

I think the bench mob can easily beat the beaten down Celtics.

Just give us ray Allen already ainge

Rondo is one of the rare guys who usually holds his own against Rose and you know Allen is going to give us some troubles.

I'm expecting an inspired game out of Rondo due to his likely perception of being snubbed as an All-Star.

Ronda doesn't deserve to be an all star.  Finally the coaches woke up and realized that.  I'm glad Rose isn't playing so CJ can show up Ronda for the scrub he is.  

I want the Bulls to humiliate the Celtics.

Is anybody watching pre game and did anybody see Boozer's hair - shinny and black he must have got some new hair transplants

Did Carlos Boozer get attacked by a floorwax buffer last night or this morning?

If Carlos is just going to sharpie his head, he could at least doodle a cool design or something.

I'm embarrassed for Boozer. This must be how heat fans feel about lebron.

Speaking of the All Star game, I love how you can create customized All Star jerseys on the NBA store website:


Like Shaq, Magic is just a simpleton with a microphone. He has a big name and that's why he has his job.

The only positive about Rose missing the game is that we don't have to listen to Jeff VanGundy go on and on about how much Derrick Rose flops.

Ray Allen is one of my favorite players of all time, I wish he would have been a Bull at one point

Uh, is anyone going to guard Rondo, or are we just going to let him dribble around and shoot un-checked?

Rondo has nobody within 10 feet of him. I know he's a bad shooter but come on.

We don't look too great against good teams. Rose or no Rose.

Boozer is scared of Garnett

The Celtics are shooting 90%. And they're outrebounding the Bulls 6-3. Wait for the law of averages to catch up with them.

Refs are bringing us back.

I wish they called some of these fouls in the playoff series 4 years ago.

Celtics haven't started their flop act yet

Getting abused by these old scrubs

At least Rose isn't SO INTENSE that he can't even be on the bench to support his team mates, unlike *cough Garnett cough*

Wow Bradley's defense is ridiculous

Bradley is one annoying defender.

Bradley is a better PG defender than Rondo.

C'mon now. As much as I hate Rondo, lets not be stupid. Do you know why Bradley can play the defense that he does? Because A. He plays limited minutes. And B. Because he has Rondo on the team.

CJ's got to shoot better than 1-6. Getting outplayed by Rondo offensively is never a good thing.

Rondo isn't a bad offensive player he just can't shoot

Rondo "unselfishly" padding his assist totals

Boozer is licking his chops getting guarded by bums

Wow...Boston's bench stinks! Thank god!

Bulls gonna win this one...just too deep for them and garnett is a shell

That "shell" already has 3 blocks and has really intimidated our bigs

Is Boozer wearing eyeshadow?

Why we leaving Johnson open?

Cmon Bulls, beat this raggedy old team.

It's incredible how the Celtic guys get so many clean blocks and strips while the Bulls on the other hand just keep fouling. The refs are a difference in this game so far and I'm dead serious.

Referees are now making a huge impact.

Sorry dude, they've (Celtics) been whistled for twice as many fouls, I don't buy that **** for a second.

They are too old and too slow for the Bulls so it is not strange. Also,more than half of their fouls were on Johnson and Wilcox also known as the defensive juggernauts.

Nah refs have not been a factor. They missed a few calls like in every game, but no big ones. The only reason they are leading = Rose is out.

We should seriously throw the ball at our bigs' heads. Obviously the can't catch and control it off a bounce pass. They'll learn or they'll have a few bloody noses

Absolute garbage. Soft ****ing foul by Watson, Gibson ****ing jogging and awful shot by Gibson in the first place. This lackadaisical ******** from our team is so ****ing frustrating.

Did you see how KG completely unnecessarily shoved CJ out of the way aft that made basket.
Completely unnecessary, suck a f*ing bitch. Only picking on smaller players

Is there a reason we're not throwing the ball to booz

Garnetts hugging him

Garnett = fake tough guy He only gets up on players 6 feet and under.

Derrick Rose looked like he was ready for a BAR FIGHT!

Sucks not to have him out there beating the **** out of Rondo.

Noah's the offense and the defense, and the heart, and the rebounding.

He hates the Celtics. Giving KG and Rondo several elbows and after play pushes.

Doc Rivers lines underneath his eyes are quite intense.

The only things that matter here: Rose's back, and thank god we didn't draft JaJuan Johnson

Rondo gets every single possible foul call. He's like the anti-Rose.

**** Rondo. He is getting every call in the history of western civilization

I say we go hack a rondo in the 4th.

If Rose has to miss any more games, which looks likely, the Bulls need to be on the phone to sign a veteran PG right now. JL3 should not be playing in NBA games ever again.

In the history of Basketball, no team has won against 8 opponents on the court!

This loss isn't on the refs it's on our own ability not to convert gimme shots or our ability to make shots stay down instead of popping out Worst finishing bigs in basketball. Need an athletic dunker.

It makes me smile to imagine there is like some 82 year old woman at the Garden playing VanHalen's "Jump" on the organ.

It's incredible the Bulls are still in it. I'm leaning towards believing the Celtics are just not very good anymore so that's the reason.

Allen's jumper is sexier than most women I meet.

The lack of actual basketball players is our downfall...We have too many 1 way players

Thibs sucks at subs

Refs decided this game at tip off.

Rondo is the best PG in the leauge today

We cant beat the good teams.

Boozer is trash

This is just retarded. **** you rondo you're terrible

Yep, keep calling everything against the Bulls... THIS IS A ****ING JOKE... Stern needs to hire some new officials, it's ****ing pathetic

It's Boston, it's always like that with the refs in Boston.

Trade Boozer for Bass, he brings negative value to this team and only shows up against teams like the Hornets and Nets

Boozer doesn't play well against good defenders (forget that KG is an awesome defender, it doesn't count)

KG is too old to be an awesome defender.

Refs are owned in Boston because Doc and Rondo are the biggest *****es in the league. **** these refs.

**** the Boston crowd for wanting Scal

Make these Boston fans eat crow for chanting for our ginger assassin.

Oh man it'd be awesome to beat them after they chanted Scal .... Or even better to have a good reason to put Scal in late in the game

Gosh I hate when we let scrubs go off on us.

The suckitude is unbeleivable

The Bulls are not as good as their record suggest.

This is a bar fight.

I bet we will find some way to win. Boston isn't too good.

The next time KG sets a legal screen will be the first time he does so in his career.

Illegal screen is his *move*. Like Iverson with the carry or Ewing with the Georgetown Gallup.

I'm going to punch Lucas & scal in their faces for taking up spaces.

Pierce still the best closer in the game...that's why I want him on the Bulls.

No he is not

Boozer got grabbed, and Rondo gets his gifted triple double.

Rondo gets more calls than Rose could ever get

Rose is going to shut down Ronda next game

Rondo would be locked down with Rose on the court.

Lucas is the poorest excuse for a PG I've ever ****ing seen!

If Rose was playing Rondo would have like 10 pts

Rondo was breathed on... Call a foul

Great we got dumb dumb chasing Allen Why do you leave him that open?

I hope someone dislocates Rondo's elbow again.

Terrible terrible shot selection again... Thank God Rondo's going to the line though, he'll choke

So NOW Rondo can shoot free throws? WTF????

Wow, Rondo all the sudden decides he's Mark Price

Keep running your mouth KG. Let's see your team of geriatric **** beat the Bulls with Rose.

Garnett and a third of the Celtics really need to retire. Seriously.

Seriously, why is no one else talking about a 59% FT shooter nailing 4 straight FTs to ice the game?

I'm gonna blow Sterns house up, that ****ing *** clown... Let's get some real officials in this league

No energy, heart, ability to score, or bbiq... Uck all the people that played today and a big Uck you to Watson

Boston is terrible. Barely beat us without Rose.

Boston sucks. Struggles with our defunct team. Let them get their hopes up. We annihalate them when healthy.

I can't wait to play these bastards again when healthy... Going to put a beating down

The Bulls lost because Rondo had 32 points, 10 rebounds and 15 assists.

I really REALLY hate Rondo!

I would love to get more shooting at the deadline. It's too bad Boston is playing better..I would love to grab Ray Allen somehow.