Comments from the other side - Bobcats 2/7

 Have to feel for Bobcats fans.  Most of their forums are all about how bad their own team is.  But I have to give them props for staying with their team.  Not a lot of hatred for the Celtics like we get on the NY boards and some others.  Other than the person who thought it would be cool for Pierce to get stabbed, that is.  I imagine we'll see lots of that in Thursday's game.  Some fun comments today,  enjoy! 

Biz has already stood up to Howard. It will be interesting to see if he can stand up to the biggest bully in the league tonight, garnett.

He should slap Garnett in the nuts.

Garnett wouldn't even think about messing with Bismack who would tear him apart. KG picks on the little guys. I'm sure he'll have plenty to garbage to yell at Kemba. I remember he tried to intimidate DJ a couple years ago and DJ told him to **** off Hell when Nazr got in his face he threw up his hands as fast as he could to signal everyone to come get between them so he wouldn't get his ass beat

Biz seems like a real team oriented guy and an enforcer personality so if KG picks on Kemba I'm sure he'll get in his face.. However if KG starts bullying Higgins I hope nobody gets in the way


Last year on February 7.... We beat Boston. Round 2 here we go.

Part of me really hopes we leave Boston with either KG or Allen in tow to rent out the rest of this year

Haha, not likely. But then again, what would you think about Henderson, DJ, and Tyrus for KG?

Boston wants draft picks, cheaper expirings or young players in return for KG/Allen/Pierce
Send them Boris, DJ and Tyrus and a second round pick for KG and I’ll be just fine with that

We're gonna suck regardless May as well put some butts in the seats doing it I mean, KG isn’t gonna give us 10 more wins by himself

As long as we don't even consider resigning him I would be fine with it. But I doubt they would.

I think we keep it close tonight, which means the Celtics only win by 17. In the world of embarrassing 40 point beatdowns, 17 points is fairly tame.

Will Higgins be able to get the ball over half court if rondo presses him? God forbid garnett comes over for a trap.

Reggie moves well w/out the ball. Its a strange concept for the bobcats.

Kemba not eating enough…maybe if he gets on a better diet he will play better…we can hope

They need to take Thomas grocery shopping with them.

He just needs to hang out with Boris diaw more

A lot of movement off the ball and the ball is moving well. Just having a hard time getting good looks at the basket in close because of Boston’s stellar defense.

WE'RE STILL IN THE GAME! And we already had the tipoff and everything!

I love there Boston announcers They remind of me two old guys I saw sitting on a bench at Logan airport complaining about the Boston city retirement system.

I don't like Mickael Pietrus Never have.

I don't like any player who can shoot from long range and are facing us

Well I don't like Mickael Pietrus Even when he’s playing other teams

How can you not like this guy?
Mickael Pietrus is crazy
Rondo is pushing off

Rondo is giving Kemba buggery on both ends.

For those with Boston feed.... DJ just found out one foot is a size bigger than the other which contributed to his injury. Nike making him a special shoe.

And here comes the worst bench in the nba. Reggie taking over pg duties, waves to Higgins to go hide in the corner. Sadly, white passed to Higgins. I guess he didn't get the memo.

I like how reggie Williams transforms this team from NBDL quality to a 20-win team.

Has Corey Higgins ever made a jump shot?

I was just about to ask this. I don’t think so

Has he ever made any shot

Apparently, he is the leading scorer in the history of the University if Colorado Which blows my mind

Colorado must really REALLY suck…

Beat them on this day last year      Looks like anything is possible….so far

Note to Matt Carroll Playing defense from 5 feet away in a crouched stance isn’t playing defense at all

can’t believe Paul P is going to pass Bird on us. I do not like him as a player but respect what he has done. Got too

I never had anything against the guy until he acted like he was dying and had to be carried off the court only to trot back on later in the game like nothing was wrong. Like really?

White was too busy trying to get tough with garnett to be bothered to guard him

The bobcats have got to be one of the least-coordinated teams in the league. So many oops-I-fell, oops-the-ball-went-out-of-bounds, oops-I-gave-the-ball-away, oops-I-dropped-the-entry-pass plays.

That's the first 6 pages of silas' playbook

Rondo is bar none the best passer in the league

I find it very odd that Bird isn't the Celtics' all time leading scorer. I guess Havlicek was just before my time.

Be cool if when Pierce hits 3 more points someone runs out of the crowd and stabs him.

Diaw too fat to attempt layups now. Forget about dunking, layups are too much energy also. Just better pass.

it's already common knowledge that:
Kemba is a young Isaiah
Gerald is a young Kobe
Bismack is a young Dwight
Diop is human garbage

And Diaw is Little Debbie

Really? T a guy up for a deserved standing ovation???

Thomas is a Joke

Tyrus looks like he should be on one of those commercials where people send in 20$ a month to help starving Somalian children.

Pierce and oniel are such scumbags. Always starting crap looking to be tough and I bet neither one have ever been in a real fight in there life

You can probably thank Garnett's "mentorship" for that.

The enforcer oneal is flopping? Wow, how does Kemba floor this man?

Boris Diaw = Triple Single Guaranteed.

Williams is going to be a nice addition, but I don't think he could guard a dead beaver.

I guess rajon rondo doesn’t want to win… I mean obviously his lack of turnovers and 10 assists means he’d rather other people win the game instead

I hate Diaw so much as a starter.

Did you really need "as a starter" there?

Very true Any sentence that starts with " I hate Diaw " should just stop right then. It’s good enough as is

Good foul Cory Higgins! (I still kinda hate you.)

My 3 least favorite players in the NBA
Yet I'm still a fan that's dedication

Don't forget

Higgins runs into the ball instead of getting a rebound... Awesome
Maybe my face will catch the ball....

I love Peaches Aka Michael peitrius (sp?)

Boris Diaw is in the game Why?

We're tanking the season

Certainly don’t need him in to do that. Think we’re doing just fine tanking it without him.

It ain’t called tanking when your suck factor takes care of itself.

At least we got to see 2 quarters of competitive basketball more than I thought


One of my favorite NBA Finals moments of all time.

Celtic announcers have been not so bad or is that just me?

They set such a high standard of badness that it makes their obnoxiousness not as obvious on nights like tonight.

Phew, I thought I had just become acclimated to the abrasive accent already or something..

NAJERA SIGHTING! Ugh..this can only get worse.

Eddie Najera: Human Shit Depleted Dignity Cigar

Chris Wilcox was just allowed to make a good basketball play

Higgins contributing in a category Unfortunately it’s turnovers

This is how I felt about this game: