Bass and Wilcox will be available tonight

CSNNE is reporting that both Chris Wilcox and Brandon Bass will be available for tonight's game vs Cleveland.  Bass participated in his first full practice on Monday and also in the shoot around today and reported no pain in his knee afterwards.   He has not played since February 10 and missed the final 6 games before the break.  His contributions have been missed and it will be good to have him back in the lineup. 

CBS Sports is reporting that Chris Wilcox will be available for tonight's game as well.  Wilcox went out with a groin pull in the Dallas game  and then missed the final game against the Thunder.  The game notes have Pietrus listed as starting in place of the injured Jermaine O'Neal but with both Bass and Wilcox available,  perhaps Wilcox would be the better option to fill that spot. 

Good news for the Celtics for sure!!! Now if they can just STAY healthy!