Comments from the other side - Pistons 2/19

Another disappointing loss.  Seems like I'm writing that sentence way too much recently.    It's kind of depressing when we lose games because of lack of effort and execution to a team that isn't good and that we should beat.  Glad they weren't complaining  a lot about the refs with a 31 free throw advantage.     There are some good comments in here.  Hope you enjoy them in spite of the loss.

I'm officially over lottery balls I like winning too much.

Let me be the first to say, I f'n hate Kevin Garnett

I hate Garnett and Rondo Pierce and Allen aren’t bad. Wilcox is fun to watch to.

I wish we still had Wilcox

Pierce is a bitch.

No Garnett, no Bass Finally! A team with a front court even worse off than ours! That doesn’t happen too often.

Apparently Garnett is out again.... Too scared of getting beasted by Monroe

Jermaine O'Neal? Really?

Damn Palace looks better when it’s not 3/4 empty

Would Rondo be a Top5 player if he had a jump shot?

Boston currently shooting 89%. Even if our defense is really bad, I doubt that they’ll keep that up all night.

Screw Lottery. Must Always Beat Boston. Make it hurt.

Paul Pierce looks like such a d**che

There's a very logical explanation for that

You know what pisses me off When the Palace makes audible noise cheering when the other team scores.

Refs kissing Rondo's ass Pisses me more

Rondo is getting treated like Wade tonight.

I guess the Refs won't let Rondo do Wade's infamous travel.

They have to draw the line somewhere I guess.

We need to keep Ray Allen to 1 field goal again. Would make my day.

We look good. Watch out Chicago….

Boston is in the same position we was in when we traded chauncey= old & going nowhere fast

OK, they're shooting 64.7% and we're shooting 38.1%
And we’re tied. Those shooting percentage numbers have to converge significantly, don’t they? And then we will be winning, right? It’s mathematical.

Now you're thinking like D'Antoni.

I am watching the Celtics comentators and they say our guards are build up like tanks

Maybe they meant Built to tank

Legitimate question Why are we good? I don’t get it.

Is not that the Pistons are good it’s that the Celtics are bad

This is classic pistons vs Celtics basketball got to love it Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball

Avery Bradley has the weirdest form when dribbling the basketball..

Frank deserves so much credit. There really isn't anything that I can complain about with him. We just need more talent.

Celtics suck this year. They need to be trading everyone but rondo and Bass

Rondo lobs to O'neal's 0.89 inch vertical leap Fail

The Celitcs are so bad. They should tank and draft Austin Rivers.

This Celtics team is crappy. They need to blow it up before the deadline this year.

LMFAO @ Doc Rivers crying about a moving screen. That is what the Celtics entire offense is built around. It's like CV whining about other people being bald.

Wilcox still a Piston He's a double agent

Is it just me or does Ray Allen need to retire? He used to be so great now he looks like Michael Curry out there.
Without Kevin Garnett's illegal screens Ray Allen can hardly get a good look.

I'm so glad KG's not in this game, I can't stand him since he's come over to Boston

I'm so glad we're past the vets stage the Celts are in. A part of me wanted to keep Billups around. Not any more after seeing the Celtics.

Wilcox is the Celtic leading scorer right now. Wow. Good thing he just picked up his fourth foul of the first half.

5 first half turnovers for Rondo that’s just LINexcusable!

Actually That’s a big part of LINcredible’s amazing game.

Even though I'm all for tanking That was a fun first half. Beating the Celtics is always fun.

On the one hand, this is really hurting our lottery chances
On the other hand: my purchase of a Stuckey jersey two years ago is finally justified!

Strange game, we have like 6 assists total and zero from Stuckey/Knight

The low assists are a product of the fact were getting fouled every 3 seconds. Can't get assists on FTs.

First thing Tommy Heinsohn says is "the officiating is terrible". Yeah, sure thing pal. The Celtics are supposed to get as many free throws shooting nothing but jumpers as the Pistons are by driving the ball at the basket. Good one, you old drunk.

Tawmy is just mad that security confiscated his gallon of Jameson and he has to rely on the six flasks he's got hidden in his jacket.

It's much harder to hate the Celtics When Garnett isn’t playing.

Jermaine O'Neal had not one but BOTH feet in the circle and they call the charge on Stuckey. Worst call of the game. Absolutely awful.

How was Rondo the 21st pick in the draft. That’s nuts.

Bobcats 40, Pacers 72 If anyone cares

He Bobcats don’t.

Ray Allen bringin them back

Celtics are in a good position for the future though... Because KG and Allen are expiring deals this year.

There really is not a single star caliber player that is a UFA in 12. I don't see how Boston lands an impact player in FA or even via trade.

Not to mention they were not ever a FA destination all those years Pierce was there until they acquired KG and Allen by trade. Doc Rivers seems like the only thing they have to offer potential FAs, otherwise they have a bad team outside of Rondo. Not that Boston is a bad place to live at all but I would not be confident they can rebuild quickly.

Pierce flops

Rondo just lost it. He'll get a suspension for that..

Bye-bye Rondo. Granted, Monroe did land on top of him but he's got to be smarter than that.

I get Rondo being frustrated, since Monroe landed on his head while Rondo was standing up, but that kid is a hothead. And he might have just cost us some ping pong balls.

I honestly do not like Rondo.

I like him better than most of our guys, actually…

God I hate Paul Pierce, him & Varejao are easily my top 2 hated players. Also see ya Rondo

Do I Have The Right Game On? I have a team in green and one in white, but it looks like a D League game. Lots of missed shots, lots of bricked FTs, The team in green is playing with zero energy, and just mailing it in.
I’d say it’s the Celtics, but they’re not getting any calls and their PG just got tossed. How can that be? Am I watching this game in some parallel universe?

Are we sticking a fork in the Garnett-Era Celtics?

Totally Fork the Celtics

Can’t wait to see Rondo “Anchor” the rebuilding unit without 3 Hall of famers to pass to

Why is one of our Bens so good and the other so . . . Not good?

One gets paid the Minimum and one the Bullshit player Max

Three-guard lineup! Oh boy! I’ve been missing those!

Boston currently has a 4 guard line-up out there

Dammit, Frank, put in FIVE guards! Nobody out-small-ball’s us!

Wasn't Pietrus kind of good with Orlando?

Good crowd attendance tonight Mostly leprechauns.

Is it just me? Or does Wilcox play his best games agianst the pistons?

Is Boston Just a team of Grumpy Old Men, Or are We a Young, Scrappy Team?

Bradley looks like he just got out of a 15-round boxing match!

We've taken 29 more FTs than the Celtics When was the last time there was anything like that sort of discrepancy in favor of Detroit?

It should be noted that we're only 5 1/2 games out of the playoffs right now....

That's crazy. If we keep playing at this level, we might be able to make it given that Boston is the team we're only 5 1/2 games back of...

Are u guys kidding me??? I'm a pistons fan forever, but I do not see any reason that we should be happy we are winning right now! We need game changing player, I believe Anthony Davis would b perfect for our team, every game we win, we are messing our chances up in my next year!

I'd bet the fate of the world that NY is already been decided by the league to make the playoffs, as they would never allow Lin to not be in....But, BOS is looking very suspect as a legit playoff team, and their run might come to an end in the reg season this year and miss the playoffs.