Amico: Beasley for O´Neal rumor

It seems there is some fire behind that smoke, finally:

Rondo is the most sought-after around the league, and that’s understandable. He’s 26 and has a championship ring. He’s an excellent distributor, outstanding defender and proven winner.

Allen’s name has also been mentioned in trade rumors. And the scuttlebutt before Tuesday’s game was that the Celtics might be looking to make a deal that involves sending veteran center Jermaine O’Neal to Minnesota and landing young forward Michael Beasley in return.

I just can´t see why the Wolves would do that, but it makes sense for the Celtics to add a young talented forward. I guess a potential deal between these teams would need to be expanded in order for both sides to make sense.

This is getting interesting.

Update: if you check Amico´s chat here, there is a part in which he shows the rumor may be real:
Comment From Steve
Will Beasley end up being a Laker?

1:05 Sam Amico:
I could definitely see that. But I think he'll end up with the (gasp) Celtics. Sounds like that deal is close.

Wow! I am really excited about this. As usual, keep refreshing Celticslife!