Semih Erden Eyes Boston Return as Free Agent

Semih Erden cried when he was traded last season along with Luke Harangody for a 2nd round pick and a bag of Stacy's Pita Chips. As he sits on the Cavs bench watching that train wreck of a team play night after night, Erden ponders his escape.
Being a free agent this summer, Erden tells that the Celtics will be on his short list of teams he'll consider playing for.

"Why not?" Erden said. "We will see what happens. I was in the street yesterday, everybody know me; that was exciting, they did not forget me. I was like, 'oh, that's nice!' To be here, this was my first (NBA) experience. I'm happy."

Because of that comfort level by both, a return to Boston wouldn't be that big a stretch for the 7-footer from Turkey.

Prior to tonight's game, Erden spent some time in the C's locker room chatting up Garnett, Paul Pierce and others.

"I miss Boston," Erden said. "It's good to be here."
Hopefully Erden continues to rot in Byron Scott's doghouse and we can sign him under the radar in the Summer. He showed a lot of promise as a rookie in Boston last season and considering how hard (and expensive) it is to land a halfway decent 7 footer in the NBA nowadays, seems like a no brainer to me to bring Semih back.