Protect Blogs Like This: Petition against SOPA and PIPA

This isn't directly Celtics related, obviously. I'm not even one who really cares about politics, at all. However, these bills being proposed will allow the government to restrict the internet and change the way you use the web. It will affect sites you use everyday -- from Wikipedia to this one right here.

Many sites, including google and wikipedia, are protesting today in order to convince congress not to pass the bill. Please join, this is a cause that affects you directly and will affect Celtics Life directly. We, RedsArmy, CelticsBlog, you name it would find it very hard to exist if this bill were passed.

Throw your name on the petition via google here.

Wikipedia has also made it easy to contact your local representatives, through e-mail, twitter or by phone. 

A gif from explaining the bill after the jump: