JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore's Journey to the NBA Began Together at Age 12

Comcast Sports New New England's Jessica Camerato just published a great piece on how Celtics rookies JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore met at age 12, when playing basketball professionally was just a dream to them. The two's lives ended up paralleling each other, and the pair traveled the journey from middle school to the NBA together.

From the time they met in seventh grade, to playing as teammates on the Indiana State High School All-Star Team, to being college roommates at Purdue, and now taking the floor together in the NBA off the Celtics' bench, it's pretty amazing that their lives have been so closely linked since they were so young.
Johnson, Moore veterans in each other's life

When JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore met for the first time in seventh grade, they didn’t realize how closely their lives would be tied together.

They didn’t know they would become teammates on the Purdue University men’s basketball team -- and college roommates on top of that.

They had no idea they would be drafted by the same NBA team.

They didn’t imagine one day they would be sitting next to each other in the Boston Celtics locker room.

The 12 year olds who shared the dream of playing in the pros had no way of knowing they would be achieving it together nearly ten years later in a green and white uniform.

Johnson and Moore were part of the same basketball circle in Indiana. They first crossed paths during a game held in Johnson’s hometown of Indianapolis. Moore lived in East Chicago (Indiana), three hours north, and the young guard’s skills preceded him in his travels.

“He was real laidback but he was one of the better players in the state,” Johnson recalled to CSNNE.com. “He got a lot of attention.”

Moore remembers meeting Johnson, a lanky forward with impressive abilities.

“He was goofy,” Moore told CSNNE.com with a laugh. “Always being athletic but real skinny.”

The duo became closer as they entered high school. Johnson powered the front court at Franklin Central High School and Moore led the back court at East Chicago Central High School, where he helped propel his team to the Class 4A state title. With both gaining recognition, they were teammates on the Indiana State All-Star Team.

“We’ve been knowing each other a really long time,” Johnson said, pausing after counting the years. “It doesn’t seem like that long.”

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