Comments From the Other Side - Wizards 1/1

These are much more fun when we win. Another team looking forward to the lottery but still hoping for a win over the Celtics. Lots of love for Rondo here along with a lot of complaints about the refs and some hate for KG and Blatche. My favorite comments were that Blatche has been tired his whole career and KG would be pumped for jury duty. Good stuff. I hope you enjoy it. And stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow....

We should just recycle game threads from last year since the games will probably end the same.

They'll be slightly different since we don't have Yi to yell at anymore.

I call this game 4 in the fire Flip and Ernie tour.

Weird, I have this irrational feeling that we are going to win, totally nuts.

My first thought was that the Wizards would play better, but lose a close one. However, I just remembered it was New Years Eve last night. My guess is the old Celtics were snug in their beds last night before midnight while the young knuckleheads on the Wizards were partying it up past 2:00 a.m. I see another blow out.

At least Rondo won't torch Wall from the outside.

This game I feel like we will actually resemble a real basketball team. We usually play the C’s tough for some odd reason.

Let's see what I've got here.....
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Yep, I'm ready for the game.

I'm predicting Multiple technical fouls

Ratio of Celtics to wizards fans? Hope it doesn't get above 50% Celtics…that would be sad

4 Celtics Starters were All Stars in 2002

Be nice to see the Wiz get the home-team calls that ATL and MILW got... But I’m not holding my breath.

How does McGee get outrebounded by Rondo

Lewis is owning Pierce I think he’s just happy he doesn’t have to go against KG anymore

The refs suck Anti-homecourt advantage

Rondo with a disgustingly easy layup

I can understand how Wall would be frustrated He funneled Rondo to the baseline, McGee was waiting, and for some reason just stepped aside.

Wall is getting outplayed tonight by Rondo...

Folks were lying when they said Wall's jumper has gotten better. It hasn't.

Early to say but I am not surprised if the wizards are trying ro give their best game for teams like the Celtics.

No call for Nick. Biased refs!!! I thought we were in DC!!! Wtf is this???

The fact that Pierce gets that call and Nick doesn't is a travesty

Palming by Rondo before the foul, but,of course, no call.

The refs are a joke

It's like they gave us the number one pick to wash away the Gilbert Arenas fiasco from our minds and then go right back on to dumping on us. We get no love, no respect

I hate Paul pierce so much And KG with his post-play blocks
The Celtics are the gayest

Rondo is the second best PG in NBA

Amnesty Dray. No one wants to trade for the bum, and he’s an utter waste of space on the court.

Rondo owns McGee's soul

Heading into the half, the only areas in which Boston is outplaying us are
Offense, defense, rebounding, assists and blocked shots. Other than that, we got those snobs right where we want them!

Well we listed all of the players we wanted to play tonight We’ll call that a draw with the Celts in preparation.

Even the cats are close to getting doubled up by the cheatles. 2012 sucks.

The big difference is, Rondo is penetrating in control of the situation, always aware of how his teammates are moving
While wall is penetrating to get a layup or jumper and he is not maing his jumper at a good enough clip to take as many as he does.

Blatche why don't u just give rondo a contested jumper Instead of going full retard and falling for a pump fake

That was a AND1 for Nick

Not playing against the Celtics it's not... But heaven forbid that Rondo get knocked down... They would call a flagrant foul

I'm tired of NBA games being decided like this. What's the point of having refs if they are going to decide the games?

Encouraging stuff. Our youth, speed and athleticism on display here against the old C's

Wall is more or less playing Rondo even in my estimation. The difference, which is huge, is Rondo's team.

Who stole McGee's body and inserted it with a high BBIQ, hard rebounding mind? He's playing about as good as I've seen him, even with the misses.

Rondo is killing everyone not only wall.

Bass is a beast.

If we had a player on our roster who is half as smart as rondo....

Everyone on this team does bone head plays cuz flip holds nobody accountable nor instills discipline

Why does singleton think he's Ray Allen You arent good enough to come in cold off the bench and hit a 3 like that. Not yet

Bass is such a blackhole

Looks like Booker can't really handle Bass after all

Blatche still sucks major a$$. NO help against garnet. Free layup.

He was tired. Flip kept him in too long.

He's been tired his entire career.

Rondo is so f'ing good Love watching him play..
And kickin ass on my fantasy team.

He is a real draft night steal

I gotta admit that last assist by Rondo was nice

Bad news If Minnesota win tonight, we will be the only no win team! (or unless we steal this one)

Amazing ball movement by the Cs

Garnett is so pumped guys
You'd think he just 360 windmilled on somebody

I'm pretty sure Garnett gets pumped for jury duty

I hate him so much Would pay a lot of money to punch him in the face

He'd be pretty pumped about that too. "I'm about to get punched in the f*ing face...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLEEEEEEE"

After you punched him he'd just keep punching himself in the face “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? LET”S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man these refs are really making us work for calls

Wow ok why are all the ticky-tack calls going C's way

Rondo might be the smoothest player in the NBA

Boy rondo is good

Lets go Celtics *clap clap clap clap clap* Oh how I love bam wagoners

Away red jerseys to drown out the sea of green?

Blatche is trash. I'd deal him for a half eaten bag of doritos. What a bum.

A 16 year vet with bad knees in Kevin Garnett moves much, much better than 25 year old Andray Blatche. That tells us all we need to know.

We have talent. We're just really dumb. I don't know if it's our players or the coaching but we just don't execute the basics. Watching the Celtics and then watching our team was like watching men among boys.

Wall was decent defensively as well. Comparing him to Rondo right now is just never going to look good. Rondo is one of the best players in the league, not just one of the best PGs

Well, the Celts really aren’t that good any more outside of two geriatric hall of famers and a very good point guard. Their bench blows. We could beat them if we had a decent 4 man.

Gna be a lot harder in Boston Where there are true Celtics fans instead of these wannabees that live in the DMV