Comments From the Other Side - Pacers 1/6

 This game was UGLY!  I hope never to be subjected to such terrible basketball again.  I mean 33-25 at the half?  I've watched many a high school basketball that was higher scoring that that.  Anyway,  I guess they are allowed one stinker a year.  I don't see this as any indication of the Celtics' ability to beat a good team.  First, the Pacers weren't that good and second, the Celtics played terribly, no where near their capabilities.   Hopefully these comments will be more fun to read than that game was to watch....

Interested in seeing how the Celtics defense fares when facing a real team, they've been very up and down and those games against very poor shooting ballclubs left questions to be answered.

The Pacers are just another very poor shooting ballclub, though.

The Pacers have been mediocre and they have potential. They'll pose challenges. Washington and New Jersey aren't even close to mediocre, they're really crappy

ESPN says they expect Allen to play as he is on the downside of his flu like symptoms. Of course, they also say that the Celtics are playing the Hawks, so....

Boston's Big 3 is more unlikeable than Miami's.

The Celtics are really on the downfall and we should win this one.

After Wednesday's humiliation, I expect a strong effort tonight. Plus, I really want to beat the Celtics.

We're better than them. Hopefully we play like it.

Garnett is so freaking lame

Rondo got lazy and nearly had it blocked. Would’ve been awesome, ha.

How was JO's first block not a foul?He looked like a linebacker laying into a running back.

Haha Hibbert...getting blocked by no knees Jermaine

JO owning Hibbert.

We would be the ones who make Jermaine look good

Wish he was still here. Make a great backup to Hibbs.

For the 44% of the games he'd be available sure

Rondo is nice.

LOL at Celtics fans booing west. Stupid people!

I will always remember the Boston fans for chanting "Ugly Sister" at Lamar Odom.

Man our offensive execution is so terrible, never seen so many crappy attempts to run a pick and roll.

Oh no. On League Pass, the only feed is the Boston broadcast which means only source of commentary is Tommy "Aneurysm after every call against Boston" Heinsohn. Time for the headphones.

Sorry but after seeing rondo showboat knocking the ball off his head then showing off after the layup, I say **** rondo we're fine without him. Go pacers!

I expect Bass to look amazing today.

Tyler will probably leave him open for jumpers which is his bread and butter cant leave him open.

I love that Boston is booing David West. You mad, Boston? Hahaha.

Pacers should feel fortunate to only be down 13-9 because they're shooting 18 percent

it's time to curb the enthusiasm -- we suck

Seems like we get blocked more often than most teams

When do we play Jersey again?

Why don't the Pacers run? Is it because Roy lumbers up and down the court? They should be able to beat these old dudes down the floor.

These refs former Celtics?

Jermaine sees Blue N Gold and thinks he's Team Captain and Franchise Player again..

Already tired of listening to Celtics commentator Peter Griffin complain about the refs

We just shot 4-22 (18%) and yet, we're tied after 12 minutes.

AJ basically punching Avery Bradley to keep him away… and gets the call!

Thanks for that missed layup, Quisy

Looks like he took that aspect of his game with him from Indy.

They're worse than us. Anyone have the team shooting %?

Us .292 them .333

If we lose to the Celtics we really suck. Cause the Celtics are old scrubs.

Just speaking as a fan of basketball, is there anything more beautiful than a Ray Allen 3?

Kevin Garnett with the dirty *** screens

Someone might break 35 for the half

Boston has to have the most vulgar fans

We're walking all over these guys.

Boston has 25 points... … at halftime. HALFTIME. That has to be a record.

I’ve been watching with the Boston commentary crew and it’s so hilariously bad. They’re not making any comments are so despondent because the Celtics are getting thrashed defensively. As a displaced Hoosier, any pain in Boston makes me happy.

Did we just hold Boston to 25 total points in 2 quarters? Or did they?

Celtics still look sooooooo old

Heinson is, along with Stacey king the worst and most biased color guy in the league.

I don't know why this is an issue. He's a Bostonian doing color commentary for the Boston Celtics on a Boston TV feed. The only reason we see it is because of league pass. That commercial for a Rhode Island business didn't really help me either. Personally I want my Pacer commentators to be a little biased too.

Pacers should be pushing the ball every time up the floor Run these geezers into the ground

I don’t think age dictates your stamina. When I was in the Army, we had a 68 year old 1st Sergeant that could sprint like a freaking deer. I bet Allen could run for 3 hours straight.

O'Neal doing what he does best Standing there doing nothing, draws a charge

How do leave Allen open?

I'm tired of Collison getting crushed on screens. It's Rondo. Just move your feet and go under!

Left Allen open again. Really?

Allen is so automatic, wouldn't mind having him on our team, he looks like he's got some years left.

O' Neal kinda pulled a thugish play there.

He's a FA next season...I'd make a 2 year offer for him.

Happy he's here... … but D West is not as effective as his 20,000,000 dollar contract would dictate.

Dooling with 13 steps to the basket. Hurray for house refs.

Please somebody shoot Heinsohn!

Rondo is so much worse than he thinks he is.. Too cocky.

KG AND Boston on the downside Celtics suck

Damn Ray Allen is having a phenomenal start to the season. He's only been doing this stuff for 16 years....

He's scary good still. I don't understand it.

Does tommy heinsohn go out on smoke breaks which would account for lengthy minutes of him saying nothing? I think I've killed more brain cells drinking than he's ever had

Pierce is a lazy ass Plays only when he wants. Worthless.

Ugh, don't like Allen... but his game reminds me so much of Reggie that I like watching him play.

Nice to have a terrible bail out call work in our favor

The officiating has been pretty bad both ways.

Pacers definitely getting the benefit of the calls tonight

Can't complain about the refs tonight.

After that Miami no-calls, we needed this

Listening to these Boston broadcasters, you'd think the refs were out there blocking shots and tripping the Celtic players

Great respect for Heinsohn as a player, but so egregiously biased.

Paul George employing the Hack-a-Rondo strategy to perfection.

Rondo is so ridiculous... Always flopping around looking for the foul call.... Rondo, your not even a good FT shooter, what are you thinking?

Their commentators might have a 70 word vocabulary put together...and that's counting proper names

Rondo is sucking today

Funny to hear the Celts fans booing David West.

Just goes to show that their fans are as ignorant as their players.

Celtics suck!!!!!! But I already knew that.