Comments From the Other Side - Mavericks 1/11

 The Mavs fans favorite topic is complaining about the refs.  Then, down the stretch they had to admit that they were getting some favorable calls as well.  If they didn't talk about the refs, Rondo flopping and KG being a dirty player,  the game thread would have been all of one page.   It would have been a lot more fun if the Celtics had pulled off a win. 

 The Boston Elderly Retirement Home. The fossilization process shall begin in a few hours. Antiquing will be ready as early as 4th quarter.

The blow-out win last night helped rest our older guys!! We should run these older guys in Boston out of the the gym, but because it is on ESPN... The refs will keep it close.

Haywood or O'neal whose better?

O'neal just because

O'neal because his contract is shorter lol.

I hate this pseudogangstas team from Boston.

Easy win, tbh.

Lets see how often Pierce will die tonight driving to the basket...

Dirks 23k career point will come off a nice fadeaway jumper in KGs face, making him his usual bitch....

Dirk is going to slaughter KG.

I can't stand KG's stupid face. I hope we beat their butts.

- Nice to see 2 of my favorite former Mavs tonight! Daniels' run in the 4th Quarter of Game 6 of the 2006 Finals got Dallas back into the game, while Bass was very efficient/hard-working when he was here also

i just realized the Celtics had FOUR days off before this one. THey should run circles around our guys.

KG still allowed to hold people with both hands I see...

Wow, can you believe the Celtics have been off since Friday and we just played last night, what it up with that?

Pretty convenient, for an old team...

Gad I hate the Celtics but not quite as much as the spurts

Is it just me or is Delonte doing really damn well right now.

All Delonte all the time!

I really like delonte

Lol at Rondo acting like Roddy just nailed him. What a joke !

Lol Rondo, slight bump from skinny Roddy and he seems to die on the court

Very good acting by Rondo

West has turned out to be a great pickup.

Good thing West is on our side this year. Not much impressive basketball otherwise.

It's still early in the year but I wouldn't mind keeping Delonte for the future. DIdn't think I would be saying that.

Boston cant buy a bucket and Marion hits a 3 it's gotta be our night!

Feels like we have played bad to only be up 7 because they have just played worse

Marion was fouled on that dunk, too. This is going to be a long night with this crew.

Ian got away with an elbow

Pietrus You could have been a mav

I guess he doesn't want to win

These calls are terrible.

That's a foul...KG does that EVERY SINGLE PLAY.

I should do my French homework But I will watch French players for inspiration instead.

The only reason this game isn't a blowout is thanks to the refs. 8 fts to 0. Only 2 of those fts were legitimate.

I miss Bass He was awesome at PF.

There is absolutely no reason to double KG.

Odom cant post up..omg

Garnett with the flop seriously Garnett this is the NBA,

Avery Bradley is a little toadie

Pietrus grabbed Odom to keep him from getting the ball back.

Drama queen, rondo spends a lot of time on the floor a la Tony parker

Terry has been a step behind Ray Allen the last two possessions.

What a boring game between two grandpa teams

How is rondo making his free throws? He sucks at these

C's getting bailed out a lot by the stripes

I'm sure stern made a call, Boston must win, we can't have them under .500

Rondo falls down every other play!

Guarantee you Rondo's career ends in 4 years falling every play.

Dirk can stop sucking at any time

Rondo is such a beast and it doesn't help that none of the Mavs guards besides West plays defense.

Dirk is getting hammered this game. But no wonder with Refs that are Boston fans.

Dirk is looking like LeBron .... LeBron in the 4th quarter

Lamar is just not he thinking about how much that prenup sucks.......

How are there 2.5 secs remaining!?!?!? We got the ball with 25 left!!!

Boston timekeeper isn't above trying to help his team out

Rondo is becoming a disgusting flopper.

He has always been a flopper. Always joggling his head and flailing the arms after he feels a slight bump anywhere on his body

These refs have ZERO interest in calling the game both ways.

We're getting called for every touch foul while Boston has carte blanche to push and shove.

We're going to have to beat the Celtics and the Refs tonight.

I am okay with the refs thus far. I give them credit for not calling some of those hiddeous fee-worthy flops by Boston. I don't know how anyone can be a fan of people who are purely soft floppers.

Celtics have no center what so ever. In b4 80 year old Jermaine O'Neal.

RC has had enough of the refs blind eye to KGs fouling EVERY play.

Coach took one for the team. Wake up!

How much was that an attempt to fire up the troops as we have been kind of uninspired tonight

I was thinking this. We all know garnett holds everybody while defending, Carlisle knows that

Pierce, ERRR “The Truth,” quit flashing gangsta signs and make layups

Wow we ain’t getting any calls tonight, that was a foul on rondo and no call come on you effing idiot with your Boston brother in the stand

The fouls against the smeltics are going to have to be balatant tonight

Yeah it's really sad when Rondo intentionally fouls Delonte on a fast break and they won't call it.

Outside of the PGs, this IS grandpa ball... Straight out of 2000.
JO, KG, Pierce, Ray
Wood, Dirk, Marion, VC

Awww sorry Rondo refs cant call every flop

I remember when people used to claim Pierce was better than Dirk. LOL. Pierce is sooo invisible right now.

Thanks for the silly foul, O'Neal.

He is the reason people aren't fearing the Celtics anymore

Did anyone actually think Dirk was going to be an impact player tonight? He's as lost as Paul Pierce out there.

Rondo is the new d-wade! He just needs to fall down to get the call... Freaking hate him!!!

13 point lead! We're dominating at the Boston Mausoleum!

Are you kidding me!? They call Ian for "pushing" KG!? REALLY!? Oh the irony.

Celts vs mavs = geezer basketball

They actually have wheelchairs and walkers just in case You never know

Well, Pierce has a wheelchair on hand, regardless.

Shut up Van Gundy Ronjo doesn’t need his money back

The Celtics got so used to bullshit calls thos game they whine when anything goes against them

The Cletics have gotten almost every call and JVG acts like they are getting screwed

The reffing is atrocious and one commentator is crazy too ! Rivers should have been ejected..

Dirk absolutely owns KG

RONDO IS eating West alive

West is falling apart...trying too hard to show off vs. His old team, he's playing 1 on 5 Hero Ball right now

Paul Pierce Impacts peoples’ lives all right, he teaches kids to be in gangs and spend the night in jail

If there is one guy you don’t want to get that open to take a 3 its Ray

That was all ball. The Refs actually gave the Mavs a makeup call


Dirk is dead tired. This lock out season is brutal.

Refs aren't gonna let us win this one. KG can set an illegal screen every time down the court on offense and bearhug Dirk every time on defense and not ONE foul will be called on him.

Whoever doesn't drop first wins. Man, both teams look completely wasted.

Not sure why Boston is so tired. They haven't played in 4 days

Refs are stupid like hell haha. And we are actually getting the good out of it ..

Can Garnett hold our players any more during those screens?

I feel bad for KG; he is showing his age Almost everyone is getting past through him this 4th quarter.

Man did we get bailed out with that foul cal

Lucky call there

Crap. Pierce hits nothing all night except the floor but then nails a 3.

And I thought the Mavs were playing like grandpas. The Celtics look like they're from the 17th century.

Dirk destroyed the Celtics despite an off-shooting night. Wonder how KG feels about his defense now.

Garnett held Dirk to 11 shots.

And hugged him too...cheated...fouled...bitched...and still lost...on your home court. Wonder how that felt.

Dirk held Garnett to 0 wins

Is it me or is KG just holding every player he's up against?!

That's what dirty players do

Garnett is one of the dirties players ever

Glad to get this win against the Refs