Comments From the Other Side - Cavs 1/29

Not a lot of Cavs fans were chatting last night during the game.   It's definitely not as much fun to gather these comments when we lose, especially when we lose the way we did last night.   This comment about Paul Pierce was my favorite:  "I use to hate him for spitting at LeBum in his rookie year but damn he did the right thing lol.."   Still a lot of bitterness toward LeBron.    Here, without further ado are the Comments...

I have always hated the Garden. I swear they pump crowd noise in there, because it just sounds so unnatural.

Celtics is always one of those teams I wanna beat (especially since a lot of my friends are Celtics "fans"). I hate them

A beatable bunch of old men in green!

Even if Ray plays he struggles against the Cavs. Remember the 2008 ECSF’s?

I believe a green victory is probable… about 70% chance or so, especially at home.
The level of aggressiveness the Celtics are able of presenting is a level above what the Cavs can handle. But – without Rondo, this game can be won

F LeQuit and the Cheat. It has nothing to do with the Celtics game but just wanted to say that.

Tonight’s game is gonna be a bar fight

The Man. The Legend. Kevin Garnett

Damn I hate Celtics!!!

Jamison.. Same ol same ol.. Blowing point blank lay ups.. And honestly I'm about tired of casspi.

Lol Avery Bradley is on skates when kyrie and him are ISO

I swear the Celtics are running the same offense as I've seen the old men run at the YMCA

We need a little more pace to tire the old guys out.

Heinsohn never disappoints..worst announcer in sports.

The Boston crowd is really quiet

Tommy boy is like that idiot kid who has something stupid to say about every play and won't shut up.

This is pissing me off. We need to develop Tristan Thompson. The guy comes in the game, gets no plays runs for him, and basically runs up and down the court for 8 minutes and is a ghost. Then like clockwork, the buzzer sounds and rotten corpse Jamison enters the game.

Jamison is so old

So is Ray Allen, but Ray doesn't suck.

I'm 100% serious when I say that a stationary sand bag would provide more resistance to the hoop than antawn jamison. Itd probably have better rebounding numbers too

Antawn, realizing that theres no way he can stop the faster of the two bag of bones, has resorted to just fouling them

Defense was tough. I would like to see it tighten up a bit more and hopefully the grandpas start to get tired

Love to see that Ray Ray is back in the lineup bombing away as usual.

God Twan is so good. Letting Garnett blow right past him is going to get this team a good draft pick.

I love Pierce's game. Very unique player.

I use to hate him for spitting at LeBum in his rookie year but damn he did the right thing lol.

I just wish I had PP34's magic wheel chair. I could make such a f*ing fortune healing people.

These Celtics announcers argh

I hate the Celtics announcers almost as much as I hate the Heat's PA guy.

At least they are not as awful as the Raptors announcers

Honestly I want Tommy Heinsohn to die. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but idgaf.

Pierce: 8-10 Allen: 7-10 Gross

If we trade Jamison we might be able to get a bag of chips for him by the deadline.

He, they'd probably be stale chips the other team found in a back room somewhere.

I think the Celtics best days are behind them.

You know it's a weird season and there are injuries when mychael Thompson is being guarded by good old sasha pavlovic

We should pool our money together and take a hit out on jamison.

Jamison with his best Tony Allen impression tonight on offense.. At least 3 easy lay ups he's blown today.

Speaking of Jamison, he's yet again having another stellar rebounding night, with a whopping 2. This against one of the worst rebounding teams of like the last 3 years.

Lol the one Boston commentator literally doesn't talk unless he is bitching about a call. I havent heard his voice in ten minutes and he finally speaks: “I AM GETTING REALLY AGITATED. HOW IS THAT NOT A FOUL”

There honestly were a small handful of no-calls we benefited from (accidentally jumping onto PP and no foul comes to mind) but we also straight outhustled this team. We want to win more.

We did get a couple calls, but hey we closed out that game. Boston didn't score in the last 4 minutes