Why are Celtics fans in such a rush to have KG retire?

I've noticed something strange coming out the mouths of Celtics fans the past year plus, that KG should retire at the end of his contract (this season's end). Ironically these same fans believe the older Ray Allen should continue playing another 3 years. I don't get it. Wasn't KG still an all-star last season? Didn't he perform better last season then he did the prior season? After Danny inexplicably traded Kendrick Perkins, Shaq went out to pasture, JO hurt his wrist, and Baby disappeared, wasn't KG the last big man standing in the playoffs for the Celtics? The Celtics didn't lose to the Heat because of KG. They lost because of center depth and Rondo's injury.

I fully expect Garnett to be named an All-Star once again this season. That means that he's considered one of the 24 best players in a 30 team league. The reason the Celtics defense will be ranked highly again this year is because of #5. If you happen to see Chris Wilcox finally playing defense in his 10th season in the NBA it will be because he's afraid of dealing with the wrath ok KG if he doesn't. KG is a difference maker. He's no longer an MVP candidate, but he's not just some average power forward either.

You put him on a team like the Thunder or Bulls and watch them become title favorites. Or better yet, instead of watching him ride into the sunset at season's end, why not keep him to be your power forward next season. Let's say Danny is actually able to snag a star free agent next summer. When it comes time to filling out the gutted roster on the cheap, who will be a better bargain at the 4 position than Garnett? Based on last season's play in my estimation Garnett has 2 more all-star seasons left in him and then 2 more solid starter seasons after that. A power forward of his caliber is not easily replaced.

Garnett has also become our defacto big man coach. JJJ and the Steamer are sticking to him like glue (see pic to the right from today's practice, via Chris Forsberg). There's absolutely no reason a Celtics fan should not want Garnett on their team. KG is not the problem. We're lucky to have him. Stop trying to show Garnett the door Celtics fans (and bloggers/writers). He has a lot left in him.