KG goes +1

It seems KG's jersey and position numbers are going to match this season.  According to A. Sherrod Blakley and coach Doc Rivers, KG is going to be our starting center this season. 

I've been wondering where we were going to find a center, apparently the answer was simpler than I expected.  Just move KG from 4 to 5.  It's so obvious that I overlooked it as even a possibility.  With the signing of Bass, the interest in D West, the fact that KG can play power forward if the backup center is in, there's good logic to this move.  With the list of relevant centers around the league fairly short, why go after someone else's when you can make your own? This frees money up to go after a deep group in PFs.  It's all coming together, the center-by-committee approach seems to be the game plan this season, starting of course, with KG.

His outside shot is going to make him very tough to guard for an opposing center, pulling their tallest player outside rebound range (usually), unless he wants to leave KG open.  I'm all for that, it seemed like KG's accuracy just inside the arc last season was as "high percentage" as they come.  We'll see how his inside moves are as another year goes by, but aside from Howard and Perk, there aren't too many hulking, physical centers in the league and that's good for the big ticket.

 This move probably isn't going to change that C's style of play too much, but it will create match-up problems on offense.  It also means that Bass and whoever else ends up at power forward will need to bring the defensive A-game, as to fill in the gap left by KG.  Overall, this strategy seems like a good one, what do you think?