Jermaine says he's healthy

I'm healthy!
Boston Herald:
“I believe that conditioning-wise, I can go a lot further,” he said. “You can’t control injuries and things like that, but physically, if it comes down to pure strength — quads, legs, core, upper body — I’m a hell of a lot stronger.”

“I’ve been challenged all my life,” said O’Neal. “This ain’t nothing new. If I was afraid of this challenge, I’d have left. It ain’t about no money. I’m not playing for money. This is all pride. This is all pride.”

He certainly sounds like a Celtic.

Jermaine actually looked really good in spurts last season. But the spurts part is the key word there. He only played in 29% of the Celtics games.

O'Neal also mentioned in the article that after last season, he considered having left wrist surgery and retiring.