Jeff Green Unable to Practice Due to Undisclosed Medical Issue

This can't be good. Usually in cases like these, something came up in the standard tests before a signing. Could be a heart irregularity, which most likely after additional tests will end up being nothing. Before anyone attacks me. That's just me speculating as a blogger. I have no inside info on Green's tests. Basketball wise this isn't good news for Jeff Green fans, as many said not to worry about his sub par performance last year, that he would be a different player after a full training camp. Now it appears he might not have any training camp.

Update 5:47 PM via ESPN Boston
Danny Ainge said the team found something of concern during Green's physical, but stressed that it was not a major concern. "We found something in the physical that we anticipate is fine," said Ainge. "We just have to be real cautious." Asked how long Green might be out, he said, "I don’t think very long. He’s just going through the tests again -- today and tomorrow -- and he should be fine."