Green Target: Keith Bogans

The Celtics need some more wing players now that Jeff Green may be sidelined for an indefinite period of time. Bogans is a tough, defensive minded player who has some experience guarding quality players. He would feel a roster need and would be a slight upgrade over Sasha Pavlovic, and a good bench player to integrate in the rotation.

How the Celtics can get him:

Well, we just need to give him a call and offer him a contract (he has just been waived by the Bulls minutes ago). As with James Posey, we could very easily add him with the veteran minimum. The amount of teams that may bid for him may be very limited too, probably only the Knicks and the Lakers (and the Pacers, who seem to target everyone we want) will offer him a chance to continue playing in the league


Bogans is strong and fit to play D on big guards, and probably also able to hit the occasional jumper. He played and started the whole 82 games last season for the Bulls, showing he can be a durable player. We need some plan C in case both Green and Daniels have health issues, and Pavlovic won´t be enough backup for Pierce in case things don´t go well in the injury front.


We mostly need a 3 that can provide some shooting, and Bogans quite doesn't fit the description. He is not young either, and not the best athlete out there.

Our roster may be reshaped with players as Bogans, Posey, Evans and Pryzbilla.  We need some insurance guys for the wings and the center positions. Bogans is a player with experience that wouldn't get outside of his role, รก la Keyon Dooling.

Stay tuned for more news on possible signings.