Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 12/21

 Raptors fans are always good for a lot of comments.  It seems most of them are set on having a terrible season and getting a top pick in the draft.  But, they have plenty to do during games other than cheering for their team.  They spend a lot of time whining about the refs and about Mike and Tommy.   I think my favorite comment was this one:  "Yeah, it seems to me that they just got a couple of random guys off the street. They sound like they work at the steel plant, and lack any real knowledge of basketball."  I think someone lacks knowledge of basketball and it's not Tommy, who has 10 rings to prove just the opposite.   I hope you enjoy today's comments from the other side!  

I will be very happy if Bargnani elbows Garnett in the face and gets suspended for a couple of games to start the season. Would set the tone real nice.

Chalk up another loss.

If it's anything like the first game, I could care less if it's on TV. This is going to be a painful season, followed by a painful summer when we land nobody.

Dwayne Casey is really starting to worry me. I have a bad feeling a competent coach is really going to bring the tank job down.

Man, I am not looking forward to listening to Tommy Heinsohn. The most bias announcer in the history of sports broadcasting. Makes Leo look like broadcaster of the year.

Ugh, the Celtics announcers make my ears bleed. I guess I'm gonna have to watch this on mute!

Ugh I really don't want to listen to Boston's commentors..

Holy crap these announcers look like they belong in a senior home.

Refreshing to hear Doc Rivers with a clear voice. Not the same than after 6 months of yelling at his players

Wow, raps looks terrible. Awesome for tanking.

Wow JO still got it. Underated Defender.

Wow Jermaine O'Neal is killing it.

JO is a monster on the defensive end.

KG is so intense

The Raps need to save this epic tanking for the regular season.

This is gonna be an awesome season. Can't wait till the draft.

Rondo is arguably the best ball pressure PG this league has seen in 20 years.

An we trade for Jermaine O'neil?

Jose just cant defend rondo at all lol

JO's face looks so bloated

An we start a thread with the stupid things Tommy and Trolling Gorman say.

What happened to calderon? He used to love passing the ball.. Now he just shoots it every time.

Bosh left

The only thing Jose's good at is passing Gaterade bottles.

The Celtics commentators seem to only like DeMar and Ed and hate everyone else on our team.

Don't we all?

These refs are so biased.

Garnett is 36 and has knee problems but hes diving on the floor for a preseason game. Respect.

LOL KG didn't even have his hand on the ball. He's doing MMA out there

You forgot to mention, he is still better than anyone on our roster.

Bargs get outrebounded by Allen, burn him with fire!

Yo this Steisma guy is the new Raptors killer. BC gonna trade for him

The curse of Matt Bonner. Ever since Bonner left, every white big man has manhandled the Raps.


Can we get this Steimsman guy?

I have no problem with our play as long as it results in 60+ losses. We need the first pick.

Anyone still watching at this point? If so ask yourself why?

To watch the Greg Stiemsma show!

0-66 looks very possible.

Things could be worse. We could be the Bucks.

We actually not playing that bad, Boston just good, and tom is hilarious

Might have to bust out the rum and eggnog for this one...

Raptors: Where bench players play like superstars against us happens.

Boston commentators are stupid. I hate when I have to watch games through them. I'm surprised they havent been fired yet. If I was a Celtics fan, I would be ****ing annoyed at the stupid **** they say over and over again.

Yeah, it seems to me that they just got a couple of random guys off the street. They sound like they work at the steel plant, and lack any real knowledge of basketball.

I like how they avoid calling the TD Garden the Toronto-Dominion Garden.

Ray Allen grabbged 2 offensive rebounds over Bargnani and scored on him. How the hell does that happen?

Anyone else think Wilcox looks like Sheed?

Yep, I thought the same

LOL tommy is driving me nuts. He is such a homer

I wanna punch this announcer in his throat, hes such a homer to the point he sounds like a old cranky hater

If I saw tom heinsohn walking down the street I'd struggle not to clock him

I hope Marquis fouls out just to see what Heisohn will say

That no-name Etawn Moore rookie looks like he'd be the best shooter on our entire team.

Refs are killing us

Either these refs are paid or they're rookies. COME ON, let them play!

Its amusing when the game means nothing. But I could not imagine listening to a Raps-Celtics playoff game with this guy as the announcer.

Doesn't look like you need to worry bout that this year

Tommy will most likely have passed on by the time we make the playoffs.

I try and take Tommy with a grain of salt's hard to believe he's not retarded.

I must admit these Boston commentators have made this game at least decent... In a funny way... Its amazing what doorknobs they are.. Unbelievable

He must believe that Boston has never committed a foul in the history of the NBA

Bostons bench is out playing our starters and forcing them into difficult shots as well

Why is this Steisma guy not on our team?

It's hilarious, whenever Bargs makes a nice play the announcers go silent and just list off how many points he has. He could break down Rondo and posterize KG and O'Neal and they wouldn't acknowledge it.

If he posterized them, Heinsohn would have called it an offensive flagrant.

Offensive Flagrant and a technical for showing emotions after the dunk

You just know that when the Celtics have to rebuild, fans around the league are going to especially gleeful. Tommie will probably acknowledge the end by dying.

Heinsohn almost had a heart attack seeing one of his beloved Celtics players getting punked. Probably breast feeds them all after games.

And the Raptors lose to a bunch of scrubs


"Sweetney rolling to the basket" is an understatement.

We're getting punked by obese ppl...time to go home.

Quit ragging on Tommy. The fact is we suck. We're worse than the Celtic B unit. We suck. We suck, we suck, we suck.

Why are the fans so exsited for sweetney?

Boston fans see a reflection of themselves

Hate the Celtics so much.