Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 12/18

The return of Celtics basketball wouldn't be complete without Comments from the Other Side!   Raptors fans are always good for lots of great comments.  They had a 90 page game thread on one board, and it's just the preseason!!  I love how "Grandpa Allen" showed them that he's still got it!    I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do gathering them! 

I might be in the minority but I don't the Celtics have that much steam left in them.

I will be very happy if Bargnani elbows Garnett in the face and gets suspended for a couple of games to start the season. Would set the tone real nice.

Hope Maglore sticks Pierce on his *** when he tries dunking in the lane

Statement game.

Wait what? there's a pre-season?

And yes, statement game. We have to show our unprecedented will to lose.

Hope to see an Aaron Gray vs. KG matchup. The battle of roughness begins!

I'm just anticipating the after-game "Don't worry, it's only preseason!" from now until the 66th game.

Out of all teams the Raptors chose the Celtics to get in some work on? This is going to be demoralizing

I can actually see the Raps winning this one. Celt's are old and probably will just coast the whole game and have the vets play 20-25 mins.

And then they'll take all the regular season ones because they'll actually be trying.

Boston is one of those teams I always want to beat

Best case scenario: Magloire shoves Garnett into Bargnani, who then falls backward and hits his head on Calderon's Knee. The impact of this head-to-knee contact gives Bargnani a serious concussion and cracks Calderon's kneecap.

I give it 2 minutes before Magloire smacks down Garnett just to set an example.

DD has to look for his shot more. He can take Grandpa Allen off the bounce.

Wait, how did ray get this open?

I was a little worried that Raptors might overachieve this year. I'm not worried anymore!

I can't imagine the C's contending without Glen Davis.

They lost their championship aspirations the minute they traded Perkins away.

Bass is better Imo, he is quicker with the same range as Glen.

Dooling is a scrub

Lol .. Rondo thinks he can shoot

Garnett getting an offensive foul with misuse of his hip? Against the Raptors too? I must be dreaming.

Garnett is looking old and slow.

I hate JO taking a sweet a s s time at the FT line.

Ray Allen makes Demar his ***** every time they play. Lol.

I wish KG is on our team =.= we need this kind of mentality

Ray looking sharp as ever with his jump shot.

Ray Allen is ridiculous...

Lmfao this team is packed with scrubs, no one is outtanking the raptors

Nice quick release by Allen... But he's no Kapono

Good to know Casey teaches flopping.

DD hitting 3's, Andrea grabbing rebounds Yet we are still losing to Boston's bench lol

Bostons been playing Rondo/KG/Allen plenty ... Only one missing is Pierce...

Whoa Garnett is playing like the playoffs.

God is KG annoying as hell.

Garnett picking on white dudes again. What a tool.

**** KG messing with Euros again. I wish Arvydas was around to smack him on the back of his head.

I thought Wilcox was Sheed for a second there.

Oh come on how is that a foul **** these Boston loving refs

What is the point of the NBA fixing Pre season games?

Bayless''s bald spot disappeared.... Pharmaceutic anti-baldener?

Dang, those bags under Colangelo's eyes could carry Eddy Curry's groceries

Lol Rondo can't hit a shot to save his life.

I guess we can draw the conclusion that our starters are at least better than Boston's third string

Yes, just two strings away from being a championship team!

If KG, Rondo, and Allen would be on we'd be losing by 20 right now. Don't get too excited.

it's raps vs boilermakers right now

Smart move by doc to stick with his bench.

Lol these Celtic 3rd stringers got no chance!

Lol at doc rivers asleep Preseason aint exciting enough for ya?

If we can't beat this rookie Celtics line-up then this will be a sad loss lol

This is our regular season line-up when closing out games and Boston is playing 3rd string players, lol, and we're still going to lose, hahaha.

WTH this scrub just outrebounded us

Who the **** is Stemson

If this was HORSE he's the guy that just gave Amir an H

The guy who just scored that bucket is the biggest nobody I have ever seen.

Beaten by Greg Stiemsma lol

Nice, our top unit almost beat their scrub unit in the last couple minutes.

We just got owned by Greg Stiemsma, E'twaun Moore and Avery Bradley at the end of the game.

Who were the morons worried raptors weren't going to get a top 5 pick? HahahahahahahahaajhahyaYHAhaahhahaha