Christmas Day Schedule Officially Set

The NBA today released the schedule for Christmas Day,  which also happens to be Opening Day.   The Celtics will start the day with a 12:00 PM ET game as they take on the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden.  This game will be televised on TNT.   Looks like if the family wants to talk to me at lunch time, they're going to have to come looking for me in front of the TV.

Then you can switch your TV to ABC and catch a rematch of the NBA Finals as the Miami Heat travel to Dallas to face the Mavericks.  This game is scheduled to start at 2:30.   I'm sure the Mavs will be getting their rings in order to make LeBron and company very, very jealous.  Hopefully TNT won't cut away from the end of the Celtics game to feature the start of this game like they did in the playoff game vs the Heat in 2008.  They cut away from the end of the Celtics game to show the beginning of a Suns game that was already being televised on ESPN.   As you can tell,  I'm still pretty ticked off at them for doing that! 

And after the Mavs-Heat Game, stay on ABC and catch the Chicago Bulls as they visit the Los Angeles Lakers at 5:00 PM ET..   I guess the best thing I can say about this game is that neither team will be getting rings at the pre-game.   I'm sure Tom Thibodeau will be looking to follow up his Coach of the Year performance with another solid season and maybe even a title.

At 8:00 PM ET, on ESPN,  the Orlando Magic and the much discussed Dwight Howard will visit the Oklahoma City Thunder.   I can't wait to see how Perk plays this season since his knee is healed and he is ready to prove that the Celtics made a mistake in trading him.  He doesn't have to prove it to me... I know they made a mistake as we watch Danny scraping the bottom of the NBA looking for bigs to shore up his front line of Jermaine O'Neal....

And finally, in the nightcap,  Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers will be visiting the Golden State Warriors at 10:30 PM ET.  This game will also be on ESPN.    If you are like me, you are planning to watch every minute of every game.   I've been missing the NBA so much that an entire day of basketball will be just what I need for Christmas.

The preseason schedule of 2 games was released yesterday.  You can check that out  here. And according to the @NBA twitter, the whole schedule will be released on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM ET on NBA-TV.