Celtics Could Be Major Players At Trade Deadline

With news that the Celtics have whiffed at their attempt to trade for David West, many Celtics fans are despondent. You need not be. For one the Celtics still have a damn good team, and for two the Celtics have the flexibility to be major players before this season's trade deadline. By that time all the guys the Celtics recently signed or traded for are eligible to be traded. This gives the Celtics many more options. At this point the only guys the Celtics can trade are the starting 5 and Avery Bradley. Come February they could trade anyone.

Not only are the Celtics in position to trade anyone, but they're desirable players and contracts. About the only one who you can pretty much guarantee will be a Celtic by mid March is Paul Pierce. Ideally the Celtics are atop of the East in February and are just looking to add to their roster, but if things have gone south, Danny has the flexibility to change the makeup of the team. 

Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett would both be desirable pieces to contending teams, especially in the final years of the their contracts. Jeff Green and Jermaine O'Neal also are expiring deals. And Rajon Rondo has a team friendly contract. If the Celtics are not playing up to par this Winter, expect Danny to be very active. Some names you might hear are Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Monta Ellis, Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala, Rudy Gay, and Danny Granger. Basically the possibilities are endless. Buckle up. This compressed 2011/2012 could be a crazy ride.