Brian Scalabrine had his own song in Italy

During Celtics Media Day yesterday, WEEI spoke with rookie E'Twaun Moore about playing basketball in Italy during the lockout for Benetton Treviso -- the same team as former Celtic Brian Scalabrine.

According to Moore:
“The legend of Scal? Man, Scal had his own song in Italy — his own Scalabrine song. The White Mamba is definitely a great guy. He definitely taught me a lot about this team and the league.”

A Brian Scalabrine song? I decided to look into this immediately. I found the following report and the above video on -- not sure if the chant at the beginning is the Scalabrine song that Moore is referring to or not, but they appear to love the White Mamba as much as we do!
It is something of an informal tradition for Italian basketball fans to sing songs and chants to support their teams during basketball games, and a very short while passed before fans of Benetton Treviso dedicated a personal chant to Brian Scalabrine. They immediately opted for “Scalabrine uno di noi!” (“Scalabrine is one of us”).