Perkins back to 100%

Skip to 2:33 to see some actual basketball stuff. Read on after the jump.

One of the reasons Danny Ainge said he traded Perkins was that he didn't think Perk was fully himself, and that he wouldn't be for another year. Obviously, coming off of knee surgery, this is true. However, many athletes have claimed that after fully recovering form this type of surgery they will feel better than they ever have before. That's the case with the New England Patriots' Wes Welker, who underwent the same surgery and whom Perk looked up to for his speedy recovery. Welker had a down year the season after his surgery but this season is on a record breaking pace as an NFL receiver and has told reporters he feels better than he has ever felt.

Perkins is not likely to break any records in the NBA this season (if there is one), but clearly he looks pretty good in the video above.

Credit to the Daily Thunder blog for the video, who say the following about it:

Perk talked about losing some 30 pounds after the season ended and admitted he was only around 60 percent when he was in Oklahoma City. I’ve tried to pass along that the Perk Thunder fans saw wasn’t what a healthy Perk looks like. He was recovering from a fairly devastating knee injury and finally looks to be getting his legs back under him.

I mean, he could barely dunk last season. And in that video, he throws down with ease.

Perkins is scheduled to return to the Garden to face his former team on Monday, January 16th.