NBA Lockout: Day 127

So the players and owners will be meeting again tomorrow. This time in a bigger group, so we might be hearing that Dwyane Wade has dropped the people's elbow on David Stern or that KG cussed the owners in seven different languages. More likely we'll hear that the sides are close to a deal, that plans are under way to schedule close to an 82 game schedule, and we'll see plenty of tweets from NBA reporters about food in the hotel lobby. 

Then at the moment of truth when everyone expects David Stern to offer 51.5%, 51%, or 50.5%, he will offer 50% for about the eighth time. This time, so as to not appear like he's walking out again, Billy Hunter will wait for David Stern to get the flu again and walk out first. Ornery reporters staked out in the lobby for 15hrs will go ballistic and trash all parties involved.

This will then repeat itself late next week.