Billy Hunter is Losing His Marbles

I'm still getting paid and I'm still relevant!
via RealGM
"The season is not yet on life support," Hunter said. "There's still time to put on an abbreviated season."

"Maybe we can start our own league. There are facilities where we can do that. Can't play at MSG but can play at St John's."

"The players' decision to blow up the union was unanimous. They were high-fiving, sayin' let's get it on!"
Yeah I'm sure players would make even half of what they would of made if they had accepted the 50/50 deal playing in gyms like St. John's. I mean the charity games that have been scheduled since the lockout began have been so organized right? The season IS on life support. The only one getting paid is you Mr. Hunter. You filed the "Disclaimer of Interest" as a preemptive move, because if the players had "Decertified" (like Paul Pierce had wanted) you would have lost your job (and your $2.5 million paycheck). With a Decertification petition there still would have been another month and a half to get a deal done. With your "Disclaimer" B.S. that's not possible now. So the season is on life support and you're one of the nitwits that put it in that state.