Video: Javale McGee States Some Players Are Ready To Fold

This was news this weekend. The players had made a point to present a united stand that they won't fold and cave to the owners outrageous demands and then the first guy to leave the players meeting in L.A. says just the opposite. Of course Javale McGee went on to say later that he didn't say this and he was misquoted, forgetting that video cameras had been invented way before he was born. Derek Fisher and the players union bashed McGee for his remarks, but they can only bolster the owners' position. If some players aren't ready to fold as McGee claims now, they certainly will be after a few missed pay checks. This is to be expected though. You're never going to have 100% of a group agreeing to every last position. As long as the dissenters don't approach 50%, it won't change the players' offer.