Owners & Players To Continue Negotiations Today

While it was speculated that two more weeks of the NBA season would be cancelled yesterday, the New York Daily News is reporting that the NBA Players Association and owners have agreed to rekindle talks once again in the hopes of ending this prolonged lockout.
Six days after talks broke off in a nasty public dispute, NBA owners and players will return to the bargaining table Wednesday, the Daily News has learned.

The two sides are scheduled to meet in a midtown Manhattan hotel, according to league sources.

In their own meeting, owners continued working on a new complex revenue-sharing plan that the league is pushing to help its low-revenue teams. With 22 teams losing around $450 million last season, revenue sharing is a critical issue in the stalled labor talks, but it is not part of the collective bargaining process. Players want to have a say in the process, but owners are going to solely determine how they will increase the pot from $55 million last season to more than $150 million per season in the future.
I wouldn't get too excited, but who knows? Maybe the owners will take off their dunce caps and actually negotiate today.