Afternoon Delight- My Top 15 Moments of my 15 years of Celtic Fandom

Thank you to everyone that read and commented on my post last week...this post is very similar to it, except it will highlight games/moments that truly stand out for me. Again this is purely for fun and is very biased towards recent years. The Leprechaun is back in the Garden folks.

15. KG vs His Old Team- 1/25/2008
The man, the myth, the legend. I've said it before and I'll say it again. KG is a different type of animal. It wasn't until this game, KG's first against his former club, that I 100% knew we were by far the best team that year. KG's heart and defensive prowess came up in stunning fashion in the waning seconds of the game. KG and his whole 6'10" frame crouched down on the court and pounded his hands on the parquet as if to urge the 6'0" Telfair into a last second showdown. KG stole the ball, preserving a 1 point victory for the Celtics and posed for an iconic picture that will forever by synonymous with 'Celtic Pride'.

14. Gerald Green Dunk Contest
In the midst of one the worst seasons in Celtics' history (2006-2007), Gerald Green's athletic ability provided a bit of relief. With the help of Captain Pauly P, Gerald Green was able to become the first Celtic to win the dunk contest since Dee Brown, of whom he paid homage to with one of his dunks. Despite losing his title the following year, Green had one of the most creative dunks I've ever seen, blowing out a candlelit cupcake on the back of the rim.

13. Pierce vs Harrington - 2003 NBA Playoffs EQF

I'll let the Captain tell it.

12. 2009 ESF Game 5- Big Baby vs Little Kid
You can make fun of him for looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy or because he broke his hand punching a friend in the face. But I don't care what you say...Big Baby came up huge in the 2009 playoff run. In game 5 of the ESF against the magic, Big Baby hit 2 crucial baskets in the last minute or so in the game. He filled in admirably for our wounded warrior KG. So as a reward to you baby, go and push a deserve it.

11. 2008 Regular Season Game 2- Ray of Hope

It was game #2 out of a long grueling 82 game season, but the outcome proved to be the start of something special.

10. 2008 EQF Game 2- Bibby Game
Most of you probably forgot about this game or would not have put this on your list. I do because I was there and the crowd was electric. One day after calling Celtic Nation 'Bandwagon Jumpers', Bibby and the Hawks got demolished at the Garden in front of a raucous sold out crowd. From the tip, everyone was hounding Bibby every time he touched the ball. It was one of the most disturbed I've seen a professional athlete become under tremendous scrutiny. Bibby was seen passing up wide open shots and hesitant with his play calling. He ended up shooting 2-7 from the field with 12 pts (8 FT), 1 assist, and 3 rebounds. One assist for a starting pg in an NBA playoff game is pathetic.

9. 3/21/1997- My First Game
I remember showing up to this so excited to see my team play live for the first time. When I arrived, I remember seeing an auction that was being held to win Celtic memorabilia. I told my dad that I wanted the autographed team ball so he purchased 5 tickets in effort to try and make me happy. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the announcer calls one of our numbers first and I get to go onto the parquet to pick out my gift. I already knew what I wanted. Give me the autographed team ball please. Although the Celtics lost that game to the Magic by 5, this was a great way to start off my fandom.

Game 4 2010 NBA Finals- Shrek & Donkey
I was watching this at the Boston pub, Doyle's, in which they filmed part of Celtic Pride in...It was only fitting that this game had such a great ending. I thought that after this play, we had the series in the bag... :'( .

Game 2 2010 NBA Finals- May Day, Ray Day

The best shooter that has ever lived doing what he does best. Ray Allen made an NBA record 8 three pointers in an NBA Finals game...Jesus Shuttlesworth came out to play balling like he was in some Spike Lee joint.

6. 2009 EQF vs the Bulls

Yes, I chose the whole series. As a diehard fan I went through every range of emotion I possibly could muster while watching this f***ing thing unfold. I laughed, I cried, I broke my phone against a wall, then punched said wall with bare fist and threw my KG jersey in the trash (temporarily). I even forced myself to take shots every time something stupid happened, which means I was no longer in my right mind. Yes, although we came out victorious in this epic series, I equate this series to a recently wed couple trying to understand and adjust to their new roles as husband and wife. A lot of bickering back in forth about who gets to do what, fights over petty stuff and threats of possible mistakes and divorce. However, you right the sinking ship and just keep paddling to stay afloat. Which is what this gutsy group of Celtics did.

5. 2008 ESF Game 7- Pierce vs LePrincess

A duel for the ages ala Bird and Dominique of the 80's. Lebron outscored Pierce 45 to 41, but Pierce and the Celtics had the last laugh. The green solidified their game 7 triumph with a late game jump ball won by Pierce and a clutch shot by vet FA walk on PJ Brown.

4. 2008 Game 1 NBA Finals- Pierce Almighty

If you are like me, when I saw Paul go down I thought, 'well were screwed, it's over'. Call him a faker or whatever you will, the man still shows heart and can ball. Shortly after going down in agonizing pain, the Truth comes back ala Willis Reed style. Not only does he lift the team emotionally and ignite the crowd, he hit some crucial 3's that got us the lead and eventually the win.

3. 2002 ECF Game 3- The 21 Point Comeback
Scoring 19 of his 28 points in the 4th quarter, the captain rises to the occasion and completes the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history. Sparked by an Antoine Walker pep talker, Kenny Anderson and the Truth really took off in the 4th to erase their 21 point 3rd quarter deficit. Although we lost the series, this was still one of my favorite games I have ever watched.

2. 2008 NBA Finals Game 4- The 24 Point Comeback

One of the very few times I was speechless in my life. I did not say a word while they were losing by 24 in the first half nor did I say anything as they roared back. My thought process was that I did not want to 'jinx' my team. Regardless of my superstitions, I was fully aware of the seriousness of this game. We needed to take control of the series and not give the Lakers any hope. Led by a barrage of 3's from Posey, House, and Ray, the C's were finally able to cut into the deficit. They eventually took their first lead on an Eddie House jumper with 4 minutes remaining in the game. When he hit that shot goosebumps ran down my entire body. I couldn't believe we were actually going to be 1 Win away from an NBA championship...what could be better I that?

1. Green 17 - We are the Champions...and I was there!