Coup D'état on NBA Players' Horizon?

Yahoo! Sports
Several high-profile agents, including Jeff Schwartz, Arn Tellem, Mark Bartelstein, Bill Duffy and Dan Fegan, have been on the phones with each other this week. Sources briefed on the conversations say they’re getting closer to pursuing a signed petition, with 30 percent of the NBA’s players needed to bring a formal vote on dissolving the union.

The core agents had been recruiting rival agents to join them in the overthrow, trying to get the majority vote needed to decertify.
I want to say I belie vethis is what David Stern actually wants. He wants the veteran NBA players already signed to big contracts to get pissed that they might lose hefty paychecks and sign whatever owner friendly deal is in front of them. The players most affected would be the youngest players and players down the line. but do you think guys like Antawn Jamison, Kobe Bryant, Gilbert Arenas, or Baron Davis are concerned with contracts that will be signed 4 years from now on?

This Yahoo piece really shows how diabolical Stern is. He pretended to be making progress last week and gave the impression that the owners would present an offer yesterday and then, blam! Nothing. This makes Hunter look uninformed and helps to tear apart the players union.

Here's what one "prominent" player agent had to say regarding yesterday's pathetic events and how it affects Billy Hunter:
“He’s chosen a particular path, and there hasn’t been any progress on that path. There was all this false optimism in the last week about how the league was going to come with a new proposal that he could take back to the players, and they came with nothing. Stern wants to stall, and stall until the players start missing paychecks.

“Billy was hoping that he could keep the players engaged, excited that a deal was coming. There was all that rhetoric of good feelings, and today was the day that Stern was going to come with a proposal. He was relying on the fact that Stern would negotiate in good faith with him, that he didn’t want to lose games. He thought that Stern would blink, start to negotiate. He was relying on the fact Stern didn’t want to hurt the game, and he was wrong.”