Kevin Garnett: Hall Of Famer.

We all know Kevin Garnett is a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. He's been a lock since before he got to Boston, and know that he's added the team success he's truly part of the best of the best of the best (as Will Smith put it.)

Kevin Garnett currently ranks in the Top 20 All-Time for Points, Rebounds, and Blocks. By the end of this season (or next season) he'll also rank in the Top 20 for Steals as well. Once KG locks up the 30 steals needed to lock up the final stat he will be the only player that falls in the Top 20 for 4 statistics.

Note* Players like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain rank top 20 in blocks and rebounds, but played before blocks and steals were tallied. I would guarantee that both of them rank top 20 when it comes to blocks, but neither probably would show up for steals.

Just to put this in perspective, look at it like this: KG has more points than Elgin Baylor. KG has more rebounds than Charles Barkley. KG has more steals than Larry Bird. Yet KG has never seemed to be a chucker, he's always been considered skinny, and he plays defense the right way without reaching. In short, Kevin Garnett is a special player.

What makes Garnett even more special is that he could care less about any of these numbers. He probably shares Bill Belichick's sentiments that "Stats are for losers", which in a way is true. Kevin doesn't care about double doubles, he doesn't care about taking the last shot... he just cares about winning. And winning is what he's done. For all the disappointing seasons in Minnesota Garnett almost single handedly lead them to the Playoffs in 8 out of 12 seasons, not to mention that one of those missed years was his rookie campaign.

When he was by himself Garnett put up God-Like stats while fighting for wins. Then once the help arrived he was more than willing to sacrifice shots for the cause.

Garnett truly is one of this games greats, I just wish he could have gotten to Boston sooner. Not since Russell has there been a player like The Kid.