The Best Job Ever

Bill Simmons has the best job in the world. He gets paid tons of money to write and talk about his opinions on sports, especially Boston sports. For the most part he doesn't have to do all that much actual reporting. He does what he loves and gets to spend time with his family and friends all at the same time. That is living the dream.

Sure, some of you may not like Simmons. His articles are about 7,000 words each and he's too often times too negative ( what Boston fan isn't)?  But you have to respect his knowledge of the game and the fact that he is living every sports lover's dream.

I can't think of a better job than professional sports writer/blogger for a sports crazed guy like me.  I wish I could make a living do it because I would quit my current job now. You have to be extremely talented, creative, and have a little luck to make your living in this business.

Having your thoughts and opinions on a public forum like a blog is magical. Hell, in this Twitter age you don't even really have to have any facts! You just write about whatever's on your mind and if you're lucky enough, get paid for it.

Some people may say being a professional athlete is the apex of life. Some a rock star, some the CEO of a company, some Tom Brady. But I would rather be a professional sports blogger above all else.  Now, vote for Celtics Life for best Boston Sports blog and help all of us Celtics Life writers (especially JR) make this happen!