Afternoon Delight: Summer Movie Series - Paul Blart Mall Cop

Shaq's been in the news lately for all kinds of things. He has figured out the problem with Rondo at the end of last season. He got slapped by Betty White. He has been all over the blogs in pictures with his diminutive girl friend. He's been mentioned in connection with film school. He's also mulling a run for sheriff in Florida.

Well, we here at Celtics Life have a scoop on what Shaq has really been doing. He's combining two of his new career choices. He's starring in and producing  a remake of Paul Blart Mall Cop. Word on the set is that he tried riding the Segway and sprained his Achilles.  According to the doctors it may take a year or more for Shaq to be ready to complete the movie.  According to Danny Ainge,  Shaq will be up and ready to go in just a couple of weeks.  . 

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