Afternoon Delight: NBA 2K Lockout

- Rajon Rondo & Kendrick Perkins the Red Bull drivers: Rondo is sponsored by Red Bull - and I just put Perk in there w/him cause they obviously are close friends.

- Matt Barnes the boxer: He was involved in a '''fight''' at a basketball game (I have yet to see video footage of this, but apparently it did happen.)

- Dirk Nowitzki as the Green Lantern: I'm sure the picture describes itself.

- Derrick Rose the dancer: Watch this video.

- Brandon Jennings the Under Armour employee: He is an intern for Under Amour.

- Ray Allen the golfer: I just assumed that he will be golfing during some point during the lockout because he and Doc were golfing after the 2011 All Star weekend.

- Nate Robinson the Seahawk: Well, he isn't actually a member of the Seattle Seahawks, but he did make a visit to the team.

- LeBron James as Robin: He is CLEARY the 'Robin' in Miami, while Chris Bosh is Cat Woman.

Credit to shoutbox regular, JAAJ, for today's Afternoon Delight idea.

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