Afternoon Delight: EA Sports - Celtics Fight Night

It seems like everyone has been in the mood for fighting lately. So why shouldn't EA Sports capitalize on it? A variety of potential match-ups are available in the new Celtics Fight Night game, including the ones below. Who do you think would win each bout? And what other fights would you like to see?

Shaquille "The Big Shamrock" O'Neal vs Danny "The Donkey Lover" Ainge

Fight notes
: Shaq recently listed Danny as one of the former NBA players he would like to battle in an MMA fight. If Shaq gets injured though, I am sure Kendrick Perkins wouldn't mind taking his place.
Rajon "Grand Theft" Rondo vs Dwyane "Flash" Wade

Fight notes
: Rondo seeks retribution after D Wade played a part in his elbow dislocation.
Paul "The Truth" Pierce vs Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest

Fight notes
: These two have tangled on several occasions, including the 2010 Finals. No pulling down your opponent's shorts in this fight though.
Kevin "The Big Ticket" Garnett vs Channing Frye/Charlie Villenueva/Joakim Noah

Fight notes
: Yes, KG is going to take on all 3 of these adversaries in tag team format since he is a beast. Groin shots will be legal for this No Holds Barred affair.
Delonte "Lebron's Daddy" West vs Von "Boner Move" Wafer

Fight notes
: While the Miami Heat prefer to cry in the locker room, the Celtics reserves have been known to fight in the locker room. Why not have a friendly sparring match? I'm sure the fight purse will be more than Delonte will make at the Home Depot.
Glen "Doc" Rivers vs Phil "The Zen Master" Jackson

Fight notes: While Jackson will probably employ his Jedi mind tricks, I think Doc will bring the "smackdown."