Acie Earl to Star in Movie

In case this summer's lockout hasn't given you enough time to delve into the reading of Celticslife's What the Hell Happened To....Complete Index, we provide you news on former Celtic Acie Earl, that deserved its own article.

Acie Earl will be starring in a new movie.  It's titled Moon Zero 3.  Here's a synopsis along with some video:

Coach Earl has been asked to play a sub-villian who turns out to be a hero in a space spoof movie. the movie has all the elements of other favorite space movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, battlestar Gallactica and Space Odyssey.
Coach Earl’s character ‘Fasthorse’ is a space out law who runs the shady part of the planet and who’s help is sought out to find a missing crewman and destroy an alien squid shark.

And some video:

Not sure where they came up with the name "Fasthorse" for Earl.  I could think of a lot of adjectives to describe Earl in the NBA and fast is absolutely the last word I could think of.  This guy made Big Z look like the Flash.  After the jump, more of Acie in action as he tries to facilitate.

What happens if we didn't see the first 2 Moon Zero Movies?  Would we be able to jump right into the third?

For more on Acie check out his WTHHT here.