Low Risk, High Reward....That is the Patriots Way

I know this is a Celtics site, but the moves made by the Patriots yesterday were too big not to be written about. The last time I wrote about the Patriots they had just been dominated by the hated Jets and I was in a state of depression. Was the Patriots dominance over? How would we bounce back from this?

I should've known better. The Patriots are a winning organization. They are the best organization in sports because they draft well, only spend money on indispensable players (Tom Brady), and always follow the formula of low risk and high reward.

When I first heard the news of the Haynesworth signing yesterday I was shocked, then angry, then a little giddy. Look, I've lived in DC and seen first hand how much of a scum bag this guy is. I don't know if there has ever been a worse teammate in the history of sports than Haynesworth was on the Redskins. However, I then realized that bringing him in was pretty much a no risk situation.

We only have him for one year and have to pay him $5 million. The Redskins needed to get rid of the guy so we got a former defensive player of the year for a 5th round draft pick. Does anyone remember what happened after the Randy Moss trade? I sure do. I'll never root for Haynesworth but the Patriots were in serious need of D-Line help and I think at the end of the day Fat Albert will be a positive fit.

Ocho Cinco was a great pick up. People get this impression that he is a bad teammate. Not at all. Sure he's flamboyant and over the top but the guy plays hard on the field and wants to win. More importantly he already has a good relationship with Belichick. If Belichick sees something in him than I am on board. Also, remember that the corpse of Carson Palmer was throwing to him last year. The guy can barely throw 10 yards anymore. With the Patriots other weapons on offense Chad will get more single coverage and I expect 75-80 catches and 9-10 touchdowns out of him this year. He doesn't have to be a top 5 receiver for us he just needs to be a threat. Our lack of a true #1 was exposed in last year's loss to the Jets.

The Patriots do it again. Even if the Haynesowth and Ocho Cinco trades don't pan out(which I think is highly unlikely) what have we really lost? We still have one of the best young defenses in the league, the best quarterback in the league, and the best young pass catching tight ends in the league. Not to mention Robert Kraft who is the best owner in sports. I can't wait for football.
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