Larry Legend the NBA 2k12 cover boy

One of them atleast...more after the jump

Michael Jordan will don the cover again as well as Magic Johnson, as three different covers are being printed.

The Marketing VP over at 2k Sports, Jason Argent, says that the idea of having three cover athletes was meant to shake things up. CNN reports:
...after the huge success of Jordan on the cover for "NBA 2K11," the company signed His Airness to a multiyear partnership. But (Argent) said the company wanted to give fans more than just a repeat.

Larry Bird is featured on one of the covers for the upcoming game, "NBA 2K12."
"We are constantly focused on breaking the mold, not falling into any sort of pattern," he said. "We wanted to make a big statement and a big departure and continue to evolve and grow this franchise, which has been such a great level of success for us."
Argent said the three covers for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be shipped in equal numbers to each retail location in the U.S. He said all other platform versions and non-U.S. locations will only get the Jordan cover.
"The idea was to keep doing things bigger and better and continue to shake things up."

With all of the star power in the NBA right now, I don't get why they don't have a current player as at least one of these three. It was cool that Michael Jordan was the cover athlete last year but do they really need him there two years in a row? Share your thoughts in the comments below.