Afternoon Delight: European Vacation

 For the next few Fridays we are going to take a look at some Celtics Summer Movies.  First up in our Summer Movies series is European Vacation starring Avery Bradley. 

It seems that every day another player declares that he is looking at options to play in Europe should the lockout extend into next season.  The latest Celtic to declare his intentions to check out his European options is Avery Bradley.  Avery is looking for a contract that will allow him to cut and run should the lockout end and the season resume. 

On his European Vacation, Avery  will not only get some basketball experience but also sing Edelweiss with the locals,  do some mountain climbing, and maybe come back with a little local color to share with his Celtics teammates.  And he may pick up a few new languages for if Danny continues his trend toward looking at foreign language speaking players (Erden, Pavlovic, Arroyo, etc) There may be some benefits to this lockout after all.  

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