Video: Glen "Big Baby" Davis Talks Offseason

ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg spoke with Glen "Big Baby" Davis at a court makeover community project in Medford today about the uncertainty of the offseason, free agency, and his mental game.

A topic that was not included in the video dealt with Davis' communication with Doc and Danny Ainge, to which Big Baby said, "I don't try to pay attention. I know Doc talks a lot. I don’t pay attention to that. That's what he does. That's Doc, he loves to talk. Danny, he’s doing what he’s doing, concentrating on the NBA Draft. He's not concentrating [on free agency], he doesn’t need to concentrate on me right now. I don’t really stay in touch with those guys. I’ve seen Danny once, everything’s been great."

Do you think we will or will not see Big Baby in Celtics green next season? Read the full article on ESPN Boston.