So Jay Bilas Threw Us a Curve Ball?

So Jay Bilas decided to throw us a curve ball huh?  Decided to try and intentionally NOT say "wingspan" to ruin our poll?  Well 2010's draft is in the history books, and I figured I'd share with you a summarized version of the top 20 picks that I created myself:

That's right folks, Bilas mentioned wingspan for picks number 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19.  He didn't review picks 11 & 17 (those were done by Fran Fraschila), and picks 9 and 16 were white players (who traditionally don't have longer wingspans than black players; not racist, just a fact).  That means the only players in the top 20 that Bilas DIDN'T mention wingspan were Andre Turner at #2, Ed Davis at #16 and James Anderson at #20.

I recall last year he mentioned wingspan 23 times in the first round and about 4 in the pregame show.  I fell asleep for the second round where it's pretty certain he said it a bunch more.

Jay was tipped off by this, even joking after the first time he mentioned: "wingspan, so bottoms up guys."  He even started making up words like "rangey" so he couldn't mention wingspan or length, another one he made famous in the past.

Thanks Jay Bilas, for being a poor sport, and ruining our draft night here at Celticslife.  But not only here at Celticslife.  At various other websites around the world: