Left With Many Questions, Few Answers

"I just want to say this is a true team, this is an old school bunch.  We don't run fast or jump high.  These guys had each others' back, played the right way, trusted the pass.  This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas."
Up until that last word, I could've sworn Rick Carlisle was describing the 2011 Boston Celtics.  That was the coach's comment last night as they upended the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals to win the title.  I for one, am quite surprised with the outcome as I expected the greatness of LeBron and Wade to be too much for Dallas as it was for Boston.

Which leaves me with many questions and yet few answers for our beloved Celtics.

How was Dallas able to knock off the Heat and the Celtics weren't?  Neither had home court advantage.

Is Dallas a more experienced team than Boston?  Is Boston much older than Dallas?  Is Dirk better than KG?  Jason Terry better than Ray Allen?  Kidd better than Rondo?  Chandler considerably better than Perkins?  Dallas' bench of Cardinal, Peja and Barrera that much better than Glen Davis and Delonte? Carlisle a better coach than Doc (this doesn't include the first round 2005 series of Indiana-Boston)?

Does Dallas defend better than the Celtics?  Score better than the C's?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then you may be on to something.  If the answer was "no," then you're faced with a perplexing juxtaposition.  That is, how come the Celtics aren't the champs this year and Dallas is?