KG willing to sacrifice $18.8 million for players union

David Stern and the billionaire NBA owners are counting on NBA players to crack and sign whatever deal is in front of them when they start missing out on their 6 figure paychecks. Don't expect KG to be one of those knee buckling players. Yahoo! Sports reported and A. Sherrod Blakely relays, "Garnett gave an "inspired sermon" to the union last week in which he made it clear he was more than willing to sit out the entire season and thus forfeit all of his $18.8 million salary." I wonder if Wade and LeBron will be so selfless?

The owners are just being greedy here. They got a sweetheart of a deal during the last negotiations and NBA players are willing to take even less this time around, but that's not good enough for the NBA owners. They want all the teams to make good money, no matter if their front offices make poor decisions or not. If a team like Milwaukee doesn't want to lose money, well why don't they try not outrageously overpaying a stiff like Drew Gooden? The lockout doesn't even start for another 35 minutes and I'm already sick and tired of it.