Green Target: Tayshaun Prince

In less than a month a quite intriguing player will be absolutely free. He is 6-9, he's got long arms and has been selected several times for the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. He has a championship ring and an Olympic Gold medal. He used to play for quite a powerful team in the East but now all his teammates have been leaving town and have left him quite alone there.

Let's talk about Tayshaun Prince.

He is a player that can do a little bit of everything, learned to play D with the likes of Ben and Sheed Wallace, can shoot the ball and stretch the floor (37% career three point shooting) and can also play the PG in some game situations.

Versatile, skilled, unselfish, experienced but with still a handful of years in his NBA future. Low profile, ubuntu compulsive buyer and a winner.

Do you still want more reasons to believe Ainge should be at Prince's door come July 1st? I will give you yet another reason: Tayshaun played 6 full and complete seasons without missing any games. He is durable and healthy. I am sure Danny and Doc have Prince at the top of their free agent shopping list.

How the Celtics could get him:

Being unrestricted will obviously grant him quite many suitors over the summer. I believe the Celtics will be one of them and I am also sure that Prince will contemplate playing with us. He has played for Kentucky and Detroit, two winning programs. He is comfortable being a role player and I have problem finding a better suited player for the wing. If the MLE is still valid after the new CBA will be installed then it will probably be needed in its whole to lure Prince from all the rest of the offers. He is trully worth it.


Signing Tayshaun would probably require our full MLE and that would prevent us to use that money on a center. That would surely force the Celtics to look for a trade in order to fill that need. Will Danny use his biggest economic asset for a forward after sending away our starting center for another forward earlier in February? I guess we will see soon.

I believe the Celtics should try and sign this player. It seems like a great situation for both the player and the team.

So what do you think, should the Celtics sign Tayshaun Prince?