Comments from the Other Side - Heat/Mavs BONUS 6/12

I just had to put up one last Comments from the Other Side.   At least the Heat fans finally admit that the refs were trying to give them the game and they weren't good enough to take it.  It's so funny seeing them cheer for Chalmers to start and then at the end complaining about him being on the floor.  Congrats to the Mavs for doing what every person outside of Miami was cheering for.  Now Heat fans have experienced LeChoke and can relate to the Cavs fans.  Wonder what his excuse is this time?  He always has one... Enjoy!  

After all we've been through this season, this is where we're going to find out what this team is made of. Are we going to crumble and let the Mavs celebrate on OUR home court? I don't see D-Wade letting that happen.

There is no way I can see us losing three straight games to anyone and certainly not on our home floor. If we win game 6 which I believe we will, then we have one game on our home floor for a championship, it doesn't get better than that.

Make these schmucks (and all the haters at home and away) pay.

Series ain't over until the fat lady (coughCharlesBarkelyahem) sings.

The Heat will win game 6 making this a one game series. And in game 7 James, Wade, and Bosh will lay it all out there and beat the Mavericks. The Mavericks can't rely on miracle come backs, obscene 3 point shooting and James underperforming forever.

If there was ever a time to prove that LBJ has something left for these Finals this is it. I somehow have a little more faith in him now than I did last game. It's weird, but I hope to god the refs finally ref in our favor on Sunday.

I don't know what's wrong with him because I'm pretty sure he's healthy. There are no excuses, we haven't overplayed him because he's not even putting much of an effort out there offensively and defensively. He's passive. I'm even afraid after much embarrassment he's going to want out of the team after this lol... But at least we have the only possible trade chip in the league for Dwight if that were the case.

There are three constants in life: Death, Taxes, and the Mavericks choking in the playoffs. They've been allowed to get closer than ever to their goal....but that only means their choke job will be all the bigger and sweeter to savor.

I think I might throw up seeing Jason Terry holding up the Larry O Brien Trophy and Mark "lighting up a" Cuban dousing champagne all over himself. It can't end this way!

Expecting fans to act like fans and not like dead weights at the arena today!

S there ever a time when we see the refs names and go: whew, glad we got this ref team! ? They all suck!

Salvatore is a good ref wonder why he aint reffing us.

They better win this game or I'll look at this team in disgust for years. At our best, we are the best. The fact that Dirk has gotten more help this series than Wade makes me want to vomit.

I am at the arena now, let me just say... I am disgusted by the amount of Mavs fans that have shown up in OUR house!

Come on, foul on Kidd! He gets away with so much BS I swear.

LeBron came to play...

Don't like how physical the Mavs are allowed to be with our players though. Disgusting.

Chandler just clubs wade and no foul....what BS!!!!

Welcome to Choke City! This team does NOT deserve a game 7 much less a championship!

Lebron chucks up too many hero balls, it's pathetic.

AAU offense easily flustered by a simple zone again. This should not be happening to a team with Wade, James and Bosh.

Refs are garbage again

Can someone tell this crowd to get loud?

Bosh is getting out-muscled out there. Man up and grab some boards. Pathetic.

Bosh omg I want to slap you

Bosh you're a useless piece of ****.

F*** this team. Riley better ship some of these bums out. They don't have it. These guys cannot get it done at HOME even. Pathetic!

This is a game you play Wade 45 minutes if needed yet Spo with his casual rotations like we have consistent players.

Bosh is a useless turd.

Spo I hate you beyond belief go make me a video of the amount of times you stand there clueless

As I was saying before the end of the 1st Q ....

What I hate is at least Wade is getting calls when he goes to the basket, Lebron does the same thing and its a no call.

LBJ out and Wade in and the Heat are on a run

The offense moves a lot better when LeBron is out. Wade is making plays.

SMH @ these refs. Hope they get injured on the job.

Refs protecting Dirk.

I can't believe they let Dallas fans ref these games!!

Whatever House gives you on O he takes away on D...just terrible defense by him

I'm getting sick of LeBron. Run the damn offense through Wade. It's the only that's worked this series

Lebron's face looks exactly like it did last year vs the Celtics, if he wants this ring so bad, he needs to leave his heart on the court. It is not looking good at all, missed both free throws and commited a TO then shot a 15 feet air ball?? Nah man, this is BS, I'm not defending Lebron anymore, if it looks like hes choking and smells like its choking maybe it is because he is indeed choking. I'm depressed right now

This team doesn't have what it takes I'm afraid. We're getting schooled all over

Joel Anthony needs to GTFO. He should not see any court time. Just like Bibby.

LeBron is pathetic cant even post a midget

Lebron needs to do more than just pass the ball. He has turned into Carlos Arroyo

What's the difference between me and the Heat defense? Nothing. We both stood there and watch Mahimi drain an open jumper.

The thought of Deshawn Stephenson having a ring and Lebron not makes me sick

Heat choked, 58% from the FT line.

This team is sorry as hell. These clowns are an embarrassment to the Heat franchise.

How the hell is every other stater a + and Lebron a -20

We need to trade either Wade or LeBron. This team cannot handle a zone. Neither of them can shoot consistently.

Notice all the screens they are making LBJ run through. Damn I wish the mavs had a horrible offensive coach like THibs

Heat just go full blown stupid in the 4th quarter

Chalmers continues to be the dumbest player in the league

How can Lebron be playing this bad? I mean yeah...he's not Jordan, but Christ just be a solid starter.

This whole finals seemed rigged.When was the last time Mark Cuban was this resolved?It's like he knew the Mavs were going to win.

What a joke..these guys didn't want it

Nobody has stepped up. What a sad and pathetic team we have.

Terry>>>WAde + James

At least we beat the Bulls.

Chalmers, Wade and Lebron were so bad in the last 8 minutes...what a choke

I wish Lebron hadn't "taken his talents to south beach." I wouldn't have had these big aspirations.I could've just been content with the Heat making it to the finals.Now I feel awful.

LOL@ blaming Spo for Wade and Lebron choking and the entire team not being able to hit free throws. Lebron has a history of this's pretty clear

I have a feeling we are going to break the record the 72 win mark next season

Is Bosh crying? Or was he just wiping sweat off his face?

Our guys curled up in the fetal position on our homecourt. Arison should refund the fans for this performance. Wasted season, no doubt. You don't go out like this.

Oh lawd, they just showed Bosh sobbing. This wont be good.

I think the refs tried to give us this game, but we couldn't hit our free throws

Cuban trolling on NBA TV right now. Saying Mavs fans "punk'd" Heat fans.

Only the heat can make mark Cuban a lovable character

The part that sucks the most is that it just sucks so much.