Comments from the Other Side - Heat/Mavs BONUS 6/10

 I thought that after 2 Heat losses in a row you might be ready for some Comments from the Other Side.  I really can't believe how the Heat fans have the nerve to complain about the refs as much as they do.  They were handed their only championship by the refs in 2006. And no team has gotten more bogus calls this season than the Heat.  I guess that's what happens when you are used to getting ALL the calls.  When the game is called fairly even, you whine about it.  There were a lot of missed calls on the other side too- the flagrant that wasn't called, and the multiple travels on Wade and James.  So, maybe they got that one charge/block call wrong.  They still allow James to dip his shoulder like a linebacker and plow into people 9 times out of 10 and he gets the call.  So they need to stop whining about the refs.  They wouldn't even be in the finals without all the help they have gotten from the refs. Charles Barkley is right, they are a whiny bunch!  That last picture is priceless.  Enjoy today's bonus edition of Comments ....

Here it is. A MUST WIN we need this more than anything. Cmon LeBron really 8 points? I expect him to go off tommorow night I see a huge game for him.

Time for business, no more talking, just show what you have on the court.

They havent been talking... They have been saying all along they will do their talking on the court with their play... Guess they are mute...

Terry was talking so much **** the other day, but you know what? He backed it up. It's time for 'Bron to do the same, and I think he will. I feel that Miami will find a way to pull out a W in Game 5.

we got this tonight. no way we lose - and i'm not saying that out of arrogance, i'm saying that with confidence.

This teams ability to respond in these kind of situations has me feeling pretty good about game 5.

This is only a "great" series thanks to Miami's endless choke jobs. 15 point blown lead in Game 2's fourth quarter. 9 point lead blown in the fourth quarter of Game 4. Turnovers. Blown assignments. Mental breakdowns. Time and time again this season, the Heat's awful play down the stretch has cost them and it's happening again in these Finals. Spoelstra is being outcoached (as usual) and the players are being outhustled and outsmarted, when it matters most.

Charles Barkley talking ****! About us again!

No need to diss Sir Charles. He's right about the fans at the AAA. They are NOT loud and I would argue the worst because they can't get excited about one of the most talented rosters in NBA history with championship aspirations.

I was referring to the crowd during the season where it seemed they were pumping sleeping gas into the arena

I have no confidence in LeBron but I have faith that Wade will bring it home. If Dallas wins this they win game 6, IMO.

I believe you guys will take Games 5 & 6. Legacies, pride, and a coaching job is on the line. The Heat haven't lost two straight since early March, I don't expect it to happen anytime soon

The two losses were a plan all along, so we can celebrate in South Beach. Let's get this one and finish them off at home.

Pat Riley needs to step in that locker room and smack some sense into these players.

Oh boy, refs already doing work.

Has Bosh gotten skinnier over the course of the year? Dude needs to bulk up this off season!

Bibby is so useless. He can't even make a simple pass

WE SUCK! We're not attacking the rim...WHY?
LeBron sucks again...

They get all these touch fouls on jump shooters but we drive and get nothing!!!

Has Marion always been this good?

Marion is beasting on Lebron

Seriously is Tyson Chndler paying off the refs?

The officiating in Dallas has been soooooo bad. We can't buy a call in this series.

Lebron sucks,and I can't believe it.

These refs are HORRIBLE

THis clearly is payback for 06, smh at these refs

The officiating... The officiating... Just wow.

Somebody string these refs up.

Whats with these BS CALLS! We have to get hit by a truck for a foul but Dallas get theres for nothing.

Love the Eddie House sighting. It will pay dividends.

Wade actually fouled Chandler on that shot. But they decided to let it go because Wade is hurt and stuff.

House has been freed!He can 't do worse than Bibby, can he?

D-Whistle living at the line. Love it


Okay **** Bibby and House.

I think we've seen enough of Eddie House

Joel Anthony is soooooooo horrible

Joel just go away please

I don't care if that's a makeup call, we deserved it.

This team has no composure.

Will someone just elbow Dirk in the mouth?

LeBron simply refuses to drive. Its getting really annoying.

Did LeBron's fiance really cheat on him with Rashard Lewis? Is this why this guy is not showing any aggression driving into the paint?

Usually I frown upon people who say that a team should send in someone to injure a player on the opposing team, but I kinda want Magloire to leave Dirk looking like a Stephen Hawkingclone right now.

Its just incredibly frustrating when you know the refs will keep you from sustaining any kind of momentum. Feels so unfair.

I'm pretty sure we would be unbeatable if Tyson Chandler was our center

You're underestimating Erik spoelstra. He can turn gold into crap as fast as you say "grind"

The refs are mavs fans, fact.

JJ Barea ends the Lakers season, and now the Heat? NO can't be...

Barea is just toying with Bibby right now. Go under the screen, 3. Go over it, blow by. Yikes. It's like watching Pro's vs. Joe's.

Much rather have kept Arroyo

Spo really doesn't know what he's doing

They shot Wade up with some HGH. Look at how much faster he's walking out of the locker room

I don't know whats slower. Spo's adjustments, or Bibby's foot speed?

LeBron is being non-existent AGAIN.

I have a weird feeling that we're going to win this game.

Well scene is set now for Lebron to really man up and do this

Trade Lebron for Rashard Lewis. He scores more

Spoelstra and LeBron are costing us these's over fellas!

THis reffing is so bad man

These refs taking revenge for 06

So frustrating... Refs are fixing this game so hard

LeBron got blocked by Kidd?!?!

Does every commentator hate the Heat? How is that flagrant idiots

A team that allows 17pts from Barea should NOT win it all...

22 fouls on Miami, 18 on Dallas. Confirmed for rigging.

No wonder Cuban has been so quiet,he has the refs in his back pocket.

I don't know how this is possible...Lebron James is literally getting absolutely no calls.

Bosh is the biggest choker on this team

LeBron coming up small

Lebron is trying to take 4 pointers Smh, I give up on this dude

That's why the heat really needs to look at Bron for Howard, Lebron simply is not a winner.

Now LeBron wants to attack. Freaking idiot.

We're not going to get any calls at home. We just have to play good enough to over come it

2 fts for LeBron??? Hes gone from the golden boy to getting ABSOLUTELY no calls!!!

Lebron is not a championship caliber player.

Lebron again missed all his 4th quarter jumpers

I don't care about the ridiculous shooting or the refs, we had a 4 point lead and Bosh missed 2 FTs and Lebron took two idiotic shots down the stretch, and that killed us.

The game was tied, and LeBron got an and 1, but the refs called it a charge. That was the game right there.

I hate this team.

Bibby has been a liability all series, but far be it for Spoelstra to make any adjustments. No, says Spoelstra, can't upset his sacred rotations. He gets schooled in the playoffs every year.

No ****ing way bibby plays Sunday, I will run down onto the court and break his ****ing knee

I think lebron quit after game 2 knowing that he has no chance of winning the finals mvp.

Lebron tweeted: "It's Now or Never" before the game. I guess it's never Lebron...I guess it's never

For the first time, I am convinced Dallas is the better TEAM. We have 3 good players, but at least 1 of them doesn't show up every night.

I have now lost hope. Dallas is going to eliminate Miami on our own home court. Unbelievable.

LBJ probably SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT with his retarded flopping and WINKING TO THE CAMERA after his flop in the Chicago Bulls series. referees probably saw that and took offense. who knows.

I have no confidence in the Heat right now, but that's because of the way the referees are doing us.

It hurts to think that Terry is a better 4th quarter player in the Finals than Lebron James

LeBron has awful BBIQ. Jumpshots in crunch time? Really? GTFO

I've never been a Spo fan, but I can only hate on him so much. LeBron finds new ways to disappoint every game, and that has nothing to do with the coach. Now I know how Cleveland fans felt.

I thought last year's Finals was rigged. Lakers got like 20+ FT's in the 4th.
That can happen, if D-Whistle comes up.

i cant express how angry at LBJ i have been in this series. from his game 2 antics to his passive play to his pathetic play.

If we lose the title, will Riley fire Sporon?

Spoelstra made the ECF. That was enough to keep his job. Get used to the video coordinator, he's going to be here for the next 5 years.

Who actaully believe Bosh is going to show up in an elimination game? His FT's this game, the constant fumbles last game.