Who will be this year's Leon Powe or PJ Brown?

Tonight is the night. The season comes down to Game 2 in Miami this evening. If the Celtics go down 2-0 I just can't see them winning this series. We know the big 4 will come out to play, but who else is going to step up?

Who is going to take the challenge and become the next Leon Powe, PJ Brown, or Nate Robinson? I'll never forget Game 2 of the 2008 Finals when Leon Powe, my 3rd favorite NBA player ever (behind Bird and Scal), scored 21 points. He was dunking all over the Lakers. A certified beast indeed. It's a shame we picked up the corpse of Troy Murphy instead of him.

Or what about PJ Brown in the Cavs series with his rebounding and key jumpers. Not to be outdone, I witnessed first hand Nate Robinson's clutch performance in Game 6 of last year's conference finals against the Magic. We need a performance like this.

I don't count Big Baby in this discussion. To me, he is essentially a starter. I'm talking Jermaine O'Neal, Delonte, Krstic, but most of all Jeff Green. I understand he's used to being a starter, but he can play better than he has. If he can step it up for one game I think we win this series. This is the momentum changing game tonight. We weren't going to take two games in Miami. That just isn't realistic. Who is going to step up and deliver? Who is going to etch their name into Celtics history? We need it tonight.