Which Way Are We Going?

The hype is over. We've seen how Miami handled themselves in the first two games and protected their home floor. We can't continue to blame poor or fixed officiating as that's almost a staple every time the Celtics play (more so when they play the Stern-groomed Heat).

Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are definitely a dangerous combination and both had moments when they made even Garnett look like a shell of himself. Chris Bosh, though still an ostrich, is slowly figuring out his role in this series and making an impact without burying his head in the ground.

We're in a mini-ditch. Not just because of the way Spoelstra's squad has been playing, but how Boston has been executing on both ends of the floor. Who's the veteran team again here?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still optimistic on the whole series but from the way we've been playing and judging the trends ... it's going to take more than a Shaq sighting and a homecooking at Beantown to turn the tables around in our favor.

Everyone has to do their role. Yes Big Baby, starting with you. We gotta get you back to "Ticket Stub" status. But by in large - everyone. Doc Rivers mentioned their offense is not built for one-on-one plays with the exception of Paul Pierce. Their offense is more geared around each other, setting screens, passing the ball and finding the open man for that easy deuce or uncontested three. We can't blame everything on Doc though. He obviously had a hard time in Game 2 on who's willing and able to score due to the ailing injuries of Pierce, Allen and Rondo on the court. KG played big time, but at this point, he can't do it alone.

Boston has been known for its defense but in this series against the Heat, I think they're going to need more on the offensive end. Both teams have proven they can defend well but from this point, if every succeeding game is a close one when it hits the final period, someone has to deliver for the Celtics. Wade and James no question are going to attack the rim again and rack up points or earn it in the charity stripe. Someone has to do the same for the Cs. 

It's time to turn the tide. Three days of rest, time to think things over but not think too much. The Heat looks to have exploited our weaknesses and one side of the coin may prove it so. But there's also the other side which is more of the Celtics' own doing. That side they can stop and reverse. That's the part that's completely in their hands.

I'm just happy that we're going home. Not like one team I know who blew their homecourt advantage against that other team in Texas.