Thibs Wins NBA Coach of the Year Award

Chicago Tribune
Capping a wildly successful first year, the Chicago Bulls' Tom Thibodeau will be named the NBA's Coach of the Year on Sunday, sources told the Tribune.

Thibodeau guided the Bulls to a league-best 62-20 record after 21 years as an assistant coach, establishing a defensive mindset and relentlessly pursuing the unattainable perfect game.

"I've never been around a coach who works as hard and wants to win as much as him," Derrick Rose said.

Thibodeau led the Bulls to the league's No. 1 seed despite major injuries to Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah. He won three Eastern Conference coach of the month awards along the way.

"I don't care about any of that stuff," Thibodeau said recently. "I just want to win."
Congrats to Thibs. I knew he'd do well once given the opportunity and he even exceeded expectations. I actually went to a basketball camp when I was a kid that he was an assistant at. The head coach basically didn't do anything and Thibs essentially ran it. Even with middle school kids he was really into it. I feel like I should have listened to him more, but he was still rocking a mullet back then and that sort of dissuaded me. I blame that mullet for my half ass defensive effort in High School. Anyway, congrats Coach. Good to see former Celtics doing it big.

Yeah I know the pic doesn't include Thibodeau, but I needed an excuse to post this pic of Scal.