Poll: Should the Celtics retaliate against Wade?

Dwyane Wade has had some dirty plays this series and, thus far, the Celtics haven't really given him any reason not to keep it up. He had the play on Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter of Game 1 that got Pierce ejected and also the one in Game 3 where Rondo dislocated his elbow. KG was furious about it but Doc warned him not to retaliate.

"Wade's up to about 6 dirty plays this series highlighted by Rondo's injury. If the Celtics don't knock him down soon, they deserve to lose," Bill Simmons tweeted a couple of days ago. "I don't blame Wade - he's been setting the tone for the series and Boston isn't matching it. They're getting pushed around."

Simmons had a great point. If the Celtics are supposed to be a tough team, someone needs to knock Wade down.

ESPNBoston Celtics beat writer Chris Forsberg had another view on the subject though.

"So, if you're Boston, you clearly have the hard foul on Pierce in the fourth quarter of Game 1 and now the Rondo injury, and you probably do want retribution at some point," wrote Forsbeg in an ESPN chat. "But the focus tonight has to be on Game 4 and getting this series even. The best retribution Boston can get is winning this series and Rivers needs to stress that to his troops. Now, maybe having Shaq knock him down in a lopsided game would send a mild message."

So, what do you think? Poll after the jump.