Losing is part of being a sports fan

It has taken me about two decades to figure this out, but the old saying actually is true, " it really is just a game." After the Celtics loss last night many around Celtics nation are in mourning. We contemplate the what ifs. What if Rondo hadn't been injured? What if we hadn't made the Perk deal? We are sad not just at the end of the season, but possibly at the end of an era. However, I think we should look at this differently.

If you are going to be a sports fan you better deal with losing or your life will be miserable. I still remember back in 8th grade when my favorite college basketball team, the UNC Tarheels, were upset by Weber State in the NCAA tournament. I was angry for a week. It was insane. In the big scheme of things is it really that big a deal? Does the Celtics losing to the Heat make your life terrible? Let's hope not.

Let's look at the bright side. In my opinion, after the title in 2008 against the Lakers everything else was icing on the cake. You can say all you want about only accepting multiple championships, but when only 8 teams in the last 30 years have won titles, you take a title anyway you can get it. 2008 was worth everything and I still respect Danny Ainge for what he did.

What do we do now as Celtics fans? Do we sulk and whine about the refs and how David Stern allowed this to happen? Or do we go on about our lives and enjoy rooting against the Heat and rooting for Perk and the Thunder, or Dirk and the Mavs. It's our choice. My choice is to continue watching sunsets on the Potomac river and having beers with friends. Life's too short to let a loss get you down.